Monday 26 February 2024

Adorn Your Walls In Yarn

Home decoration and interior design does not always have to be done by professionals and experts, but more often as a part of a DIY project by those who need it. It is ideal for people who want to showcase their artistic side and combine their creativity with the need for decorations. When it comes to walls, one of the most inspiring materials is yarn and you can create various decorative sets using it. Here are some of them, designed to give your home a more homely feeling.

Letters and Words

Some of the most popular decorations for children’s rooms are big bold letters that are actually their initials: S for Sarah, J for John, and so on – you might remember this from Friends as Rachel equipped her apartment with a big E for her baby, Emma. However, creating one of these letters is so much more satisfying than simply buying them in a store, so here is where yarn comes in handy. Take a piece of cardboard, cut out your initial and wrap it up tightly with lots of yarn – and that is it! Just make sure the strings are close to each other and avoid empty spaces and this will surely be among the best-looking monograms you can create.

Adorn Your Walls In Yarn

Shapes and Objects

If a significant portion of your wall is empty, you can go bigger and create more elaborate shapes. You will need the assistance of a hammer, some nails and a lot of yarn. Create a design and outline it in pencil on the wall and then start hammering the dots that will serve as a base for your shape. Then criss-cross them with yarn and you will get an intricate free-standing design on your wall – this can be anything from a heart-shaped image to words and everything in between, even string art portraits. Since you will need quite a lot of yarn for this idea, try to buy it on sale or order it form an online yarn store that offers lower prices.


Among a number of good ideas for yarn-based wall decorations, tapestry seems to be the most intricate one – you will need some time, energy, skills, prior organization and patience, but manage to provide the best results. A dowel tapestry, however, does not require so much time and effort, yet still produces satisfying and appealing outcomes. It is easy to make: you need a dowel, strings of yarn and some glue. Glue one end of the strings onto the dowel and let the other fall down freely, and then do the same with others, and that is all there is to it. You can choose specific colors and create patterns to make it more interesting.

Adorn Your Walls In Yarn

  Other Ideas

There are a number of other ideas for yarn wall decorations, but some of them are  complicated and complex and you need a lot of skills in order not to get your yarn    tangled. You can, nonetheless, try cross-stitching yarn on a canvas, wrapping it over  pre-made objects and, ultimately, creating 3D art installations that will be the  centerpiece of your living room.