Saturday 02 March 2024

Advantages of  ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India?

ACL Reconstruction


Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the joint that maintains the flexibility in the knee joint. It is because it is one of the primary ligaments that hold all the parts of the knee in place.

The breakdown of this ligament leads to mobility issues in the knees. It generally occurs in people playing outdoor games or athletes exposed to high physical activities. It may even be a result of an accident or severe injury.

While you suffer ACL breakdown, you can feel the sound of the ligament break. Sometimes the condition is not very severe and is curable without surgery. On the contrary, in specific other cases, you can not overcome the disorder until unless you undergo surgery.

If you are suffering from ACL ligament breakdown, plan your ACL Reconstruction India. It would be a satisfactory experience for you in all the ways and allow you to avail of the desired results. To your surprise, the expenses involved in the ACL treatment inclusive of all the factors; be it medical or non-medical you are going to save considerably. It will be a great relief to your pocket along with satisfactory results when you plan your medical tourism to India.

There are several other benefits of availing the treatment in India. Continue to read the blog to know about the benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India.

Benefits of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India

Some of the primary advantages of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India include:

  • The high success rate of the treatment. Just like other orthopaedic procedures that include hip replacement and knee replacement, ACL Reconstruction is also highly successful in India. The success rate is very close to 100%. The minor doubt is because not all the surgeries can be 100% successful, there are small chances of failure and risks associated with the treatment. However, the patients who underwent the procedure in India in the past decade have not faced any complications.
  • The yet another advantage of the ACL treatment in India is the price. ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India is as low as 5,500 USD. Rest, the minor variation in the amount can be due to your choice of hospital and the surgeon where you want to undergo the treatment. Apart from that, the severity of your medical condition also fluctuates the cost of medicine in the country.
  • Now, one of the prime advantages is the convenience that you receive during your treatment in India. It is because you get assistance from the medical tourism companies. They make all the arrangements for your treatment, and you do not have to worry. Right from the moment you plan your visit to the country; the medical tourist assistance service providers are there with you. They are ready to provide you 24×7 assistance.

Over 90% of the patients, travelling to India for their ACL reconstruction surgery have added more than ten years of life to their knees. None of the patients suffers any of the complications after the treatment like infection, blood clotting or others.

However, there can be some of the minor side-effects after the treatment, but those are easily curable with the help of drugs and medicines. In case you want to avail the benefits, you are equally responsible for following the instructions of the medical team. Any ignorance can lead to unwanted complications. On the contrary, if the reconstruction surgery is not possible using the healthy graft from the patient, then the cost of treatment increases. The procedure in such a condition is known as allograft ACL reconstruction. In this process, the graft is retrieved from a dead donor. Depending on the state of the patient and the area of ligament damage, the procedure of the allograft reconstruction varies, and so does the cost.

Final Words:

In short, even after the ACL injury, you can get back to your playground and continue with your physical activities. All you need us effective treatment which is possible in India.

The doctors and surgeons of the country provide post-surgery care that helps you with necessary recovery. You can overcome the pain after the surgery and also regain the lost strength. However, you have to be sure that you take all the precautions suggested by the surgeon after the surgery to avoid the risks and complications.