Thursday 30 May 2024

Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Plans For A Large Business

Large organizations look to retain their top positions and stay there without losing out to their competition. They want to be available to the increasing number of internet users across the world. They are in need of high performing servers that ensure reliability, dependability and speed with no hindrance in traffic flow even during peak times. They find the dedicated server hosting an ideal choice for their websites. By opting for a fully managed plan from the host, the organizations can look for improving their performance as they get more time to focus on as all the technical aspects of maintenance and management of the server is done by the host.

In dedicated server hosting the client gets to own the entire server and enjoy the resources all by themselves till the lease period. There is no other customer accessing the server. Being sole owners they have to pay for the entire server.

Who is a dedicated server customer?

Businesses that buy the dedicated server hosting services are

  • websites that have heavy traffic and cannot afford to be offline

  • organizations that need more facilities than what VPS or shared servers offer

  • websites that manage confidential and sensitive data needing high security

  • websites that need maximum storage space with less downtime or more uptime

  • websites that want more customized services and need to install hardware and software suiting their business needs

  • Organizations that are growing at a brisk pace and may upgrade keeping future requirements in mind

  • Organizations with technically competent and experienced hands to maintain and manage the servers. They can buy the self managed dedicated services.

Key features of dedicated server hosting that make it a cost effective platform include

  • Root access to the server for Linux users and full administrative access for Windows users.

  • sole ownership of the server till the lease contract exists

  • choice of Linux and Windows platform

  • highly customizable hardware and software options

  • uptime SLA assured

  • control panel choice

  • free and seamless server deployment and upgrades

  • anti-spam and anti virus protection, firewall application

  • high bandwidth, robust SLA and

  • Dedicated support throughout the lease period.

The host provides pro-active monitoring of the server at no additional cost with dedicated server hosting. With this feature, the host gets the chance to nip any problems in the starting stage itself that are likely to develop in the near future. The servers are strong and robust and offer optimum performance to meet the demands of a website at affordable and reasonable prices. The client gets complete control and the opportunity to install the software of their choice. They can decide on the upgrade options as and when the need arises to add more resources for a website. The host provides cPanel for Linux users and Plesk for Windows users. Both the options are from the best in their fields and are easy to use. The host ensures round the clock support teams that are well versed to offer their services to the clients.