Sunday 14 April 2024

Align Your Focus Towards Your Health

It is undeniably true that juggling between academic sphere, personal life, and extracurricular activities becomes a constant uphill battle for students. Moreover, the modern society has made it significantly difficult for students to balance their life, and it has become relatively confounding for students to inject a sense of revitalization or a sense of sustenance into their lives. Nevertheless, the debilitating effects of academia are far too many, and they somehow have a way of permeating the headspace and physical capacity of the individual, to cripple and enfeeble their remaining strength and willpower. Hence, the student should practice due diligence, and they should thus play an active role in replenishing their health, by consuming nourishing and nurturing foods or by inculcating certain habits that could enhance their health.

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That said, students also need to uncover and unpeel the layer of lethargy that is engulfing them, they need to step out of the cocoon of stupor they comfortably lay in, and they need to unplug the deep-seated need to derail their wellbeing, both physical and mental.

  • Drink Water: Individuals should take a proactive approach and initiative in consuming at least eight glasses of water per day. Due to the hectic schedule of students, it becomes secondary for them to guzzle down multiple sodas and soft drinks, however, these aerated drinks have several detrimental effects which the naked eye cannot perceive. They give the individual a momentary sugar-high or rush, followed by a slump, which leaves the individual feeling tired and worn out. While, on the other hand, drinking adequate amount of water spikes your concentration, elevates your focus, speeds up your cognitive functioning and boosts your immune system, thus helping you ward off a common cold or flu.
  • Vegetables: No one is asking you to eliminate fried chicken nuggets or your classic cheeseburger from your food staples. But, individuals need to incorporate and integrate vegetables into their diet, preferably the green leafy ones. Consuming a diet high on vegetables, is highly beneficial for the human body, as they are high on antioxidants, they are full of minerals, they uplift the mood of the individual, and they provide the much-needed vitamin boost.
  • Exercise: It is very easy to become a couch potato, laze all day and binge watch your favorite TV series. But, in the longer run, these habits are damaging your cerebral and physical health, as you’re exhausting, depleting and eroding your energy. As a consequence, make it a point to include habits such as cardio, yoga, Pilates or mere walking in your lifestyle habits.
  • Breakfast: Most people are averse to eating breakfast. However, they fail to realize the sort of advantages it brings into the life of the individual. Starting your day with a healthy and hearty breakfast is the way to kick-start your morning, as it keeps you full the entire day (limiting the consumption of junk food), it nurtures and nourishes your cerebral functioning, and it elevates your energy levels. But, it is also important for students to have a meal rich in protein and carbs, as they provide the body with the necessary nutrients and energy.

On the whole, students shouldn’t allow the ensuing chaos and pandemonium to consume them. Instead, they should rise against the odds, and they should make strives to lead a healthier and more balanced life.