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All About FRP Cooling Towers

FRP Cooling Towers

What is an FRP Cooling Tower?

The very first cooling towers manufactured during the ancient times were made out of wood as a material. However, lately new materials have come into the cooling tower manufacturing process.

Recent advances in technology and innovations have manufacturers trying out new materials for the manufacture of cooling towers. Fiber Reinforced Plastic when used in the manufacture of a cooling tower, then the tower is labeled as an FRP cooling tower.

Other materials are also used in the manufacture of these towers; however, FRP is a favorite of tower manufacturers. FRP cooling towers have wide applications like in electricity generation, petroleum refining, chemical processing and sugar manufacturing, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel manufacturing and many more.

Types of Cooling Towers

Considering the fact that FRP cooling towers are exported too, it is not surprising that companies manufacturing them have started embracing organized ways of working.

These companies have taken the ISO quality certification so that their products can pass through the stringent quality norms set by foreign companies. On the back of such developments, a number of FRP cooling tower exporters have opened shop in India. Technically speaking, there are two main types of cooling towers. The natural draft cooling towers and the mechanical draft cooling towers.

FRP Cooling Tower

While the natural draft towers are of immense size, the mechanical draft ones are smaller. Therefore, the former are used only in large industrial installations like refineries and power stations. On the other hand, for smaller applications, the mechanical draft cooling towers are preferred.

Many companies in India now have equipped themselves to such an extent that they are able to manufacture FRP cooling towers. Some of them are supplying their products within the country, while some others are exporting the towers. Sensing tremendous profits in the business, a number of FRP cooling tower exporters have joined the cause.

Quality certifications are being obtained and SOPs for the procurement, manufacture, testing and commissioning of FRP cooling towers are being made in order to showcase to the world that India can follow world class manufacturing methods and abide by quality parameters set by world renowned bodies.

The FRP towers manufactured indigenously meet the quality requirements set by international companies. Companies are now following internationally relevant quality norms like ISO and Kaizen.


In the above article, we have seen what an FRP cooling tower is; we have seen the types of cooling towers, the manufacturing process of cooling towers and the quality norms followed in their manufacturing process.

We have also come to know that with FRP cooling towers being exported, companies have acquired international accreditations and certifications in order to meet the quality norms stipulated by foreign companies. The day is not far when the output of cooling tower companies will match the best in the world.

However, until that happens, we have to keep on implementing the practices and processes used by international companies. Processes like Kaizen and Just-in-Time inventory, made famous by foreign companies.

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