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Amazing Statement-Making Korea Fashion

Fashion has changed a lot for Korean people in the last decades and if you compare the current Korean apparel to what was trending in the past, you will see a big difference. This is because Koreans have been in contact with Western cultures and trends, the result being a cultural mix which combines both Korean fashion and European traditions.

Amazing Statement-Making Korea Fashion

When you look at the Korean society today, you will see two types of generations each trying to express fashion with whatever means they have. On one hand, there are older Koreans or more traditional individuals who have traditional Korean styles clothes. These are the people that preserve Korea’s traditions, and their clothes are a cultural heritage in themselves.

On the other hand, there are young people who are up to date with the latest Asian fashion 2014 trends. These young individuals are always looking for ways to tell those around them how trendy they are and how people should follow their example. This is the generation that has tapped a bit of Western culture and combined it with their Asian taste to come up with a hybrid version that many regards as being fashionable and appealing.

Amazing Statement-Making Korea Fashion

Korean apparel  in the market today is determined by these two types of people. A third category would be a Korean that follows fashion but he respects it because his workplace requires it. Many companies tell their employees how to wear and how they should be dressed in working hours.

Korean fashion has changed because the Koreans too have changed to a large extent. Whether we like it or not, interconnectivity has made the world smaller and multinational companies are doing business all around the world. Korea is a prime market for technological developments, futuristic designs and E-sports. All these new industries and occupations have changed the mentality of the average Korean individual and so has their clothing.

Evolution of Asian Fashion

It’s important to see how Asian clothing alongside other eastern traits and traditions will evolve in the future. There is an equal chance and possibility that they will be lost or young Koreans will see their heritage and continue to preserve it. Only time will tell the outcome of this.

Fashion has always influenced the way in which people act and behave.  It is being used as a code by which someone can tell in an instant the social status of an individual. For example, in the past a person of class and stature could be identified easily by the quality of the materials that his clothes were made of. In the present day however, this aspect has weakened to some measure and other standards have been inculcated.

Amazing Statement-Making Korea Fashion

The future of Korean Fashion

Korean clothing styles and designs are testament to the fact that even rich cultures can evolve and transform themselves through fashion. Based on what the current generation in Korea does today, the future of Korean fashion can change significantly and snowball into something totally different. What is certain is the fact that a lot of money is invested into this industry and a lot of people are interested in it.

Korean fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds and it has become one of the fashion icon in the world. Many clothing stores, both bricka nd mortar and online, are stocking a wide variety of Korean-inspired apparel. Irrespective of your taste and preference or your budget, there is something for you.

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