Friday 19 July 2024

Amusement and Water Parks In Bhopal

If you thought that the city of Bhopal lags behind in terms of amusements and water parks, then you all the more have a reason to visit it. The capital of Madhya Pradesh has some amazing water and amazement parks, which are one of the tourist places in the city. These amusement parks are a different experience altogether. Kanha Dham Radha Ri Dhani and the Kanha Fun City is a must visit in Bhopal for some unlimited fun.

Kanha Dham Radha Ri Dhani – If you want to indulge in some authentic Rajasthani experience, this place is definitely going to make you happy. Located in Suburban Bhopal, it is accessible from all the best resorts in Bhopal so you will not have to worry about the conveyance. The place showcases culture, style and tradition of Rajasthan. It is never a dull moment there. There is a new theme every day, and a different type of celebration in authentic Rajasthani style. There is so much for the visitors, from entertainment, fun, food, shopping, games and lots more. You can enjoy the Kalbeya Rajasthani Dance and other folk dance from the state.

Kanha Fun City in Bhopal – The Kanha Fun City is one of the most loved water parks in the city. Situated between Hoshangabad and Bhopal, Kanha Fun City is by far the largest Amusement and Water-park in the whole of Central India standing on a massive 15 acres of land. The fun loved place is basically divided into two parts, the water park and the amusement park, each equally appealing with much excitement. In the amusement section can find rides such as Swing Chair, Water MGR, Family Train, Bungy Jump, Dashing Car, Jumping Frog, Mono Cycle, Break Dance, Video Games, and many more of such exciting rides. In the water park section, you can find rides like Body Slide, Tube slide, Wave Pool, Family Slide, etc. Also, they have a large motel with options of A/c and non A/C rooms. Also provided is a conference room, which can accommodate up to 40 people at one. It is much like most of the mainstream hotels in Bhopal. Besides its many fun rides, the Kanha Fun City also is known for hosting big and grand parities inside the beautiful outdoor lawns, especially on the eve of New Year and Christmas.

With all sorts of water parks and amusement parks, the city along with its other heritage sites can serve as a great place to spend your vacations. These family fun parks are filled with a variety of entertainment options, from go-karts to batting cages to bumper cars. Few of the most loved rides here are the mechanical ones like the carousels, roller coasters, etc. These amusement parks get their revenue from the entrance fees and the fees paid by customers for the rides.

So, if you thought Bhopal was only about the lakes and the mosques, the food and the shopping, visit it to know and discover a lot more about its amusement front.