Monday 26 February 2024

An Informative Guide for Buying the Perfect Pashmina

As the winter fall sets in, you may be thinking of buying something new for the season. What can be any better than having a Pashmina added to your list of valuables? A one-time investment yet a priced possession, this particular fabric is popular because it is woollen and is made from fine cashmere quality, which is usually used in the making scarves, stoles, and shawls.

Keep in mind not to run blindly and invest in this rare fibre because buyers need to be shrewd when they buy pashmina items. Pashmina is available in two types, pure and blended. Let’s take a detailed look into this high-end material that is widely admired by customers.

Pashmina – Its history and origin

It is a sort of wool that is created from the undercoat or hair of a Himalayan goat found in Kashmir. These goats are inhabitants of Himalayan Mountains and live at an altitude that range between 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet. These goats adapt to the extreme weather conditions of Himalayas with the help of this coat.

The Pashmina shawls were worn by the ancient royalty of India and even the neighbouring countries took pride in adorning this beauty. It is the perfect garment that adds the required charm as well as helps to keep you warm in extreme cold weather.

Content of Pashmina

As discussed above, Pashmina comes in two qualities, it can either be a pure Pashmina garment or this natural fibre might have been blended with others like silk. A pashmina garment that comprises of blended quality has a degree of softness tagged with it, which allows easier and comfortable drape. However, the buyers need to be aware that any blended quality is subject to affecting its pure quality and thereby subject to changes in price as well.

Criteria for choosing a Pashmina

Although addition of fibres affects the quality of the pashmina clothing, therefore before embarking on its purchase the buyer needs to decide what will be her particular need. Depending on the ply thickness, the pashmina garment has different degrees of warmth it can offer.

  • A pashmina shawl that has one-ply thickness is light-weighted and is also slightly airy, which can be used in warmer months.
  • Pashmina with four-ply thickness is considerably heavy-weighted and provides much more warmth, during windy and chilly winters.

This may give you a rough idea about which kind of thickness will be perfect for you. In addition, pashmina finds great use in different accessories that are popular in the world of fashion like stoles, scarves, and shawls.

You may be quite tempted to invest in this rarity and the best place to buy pashmina shawls at affordable prices is on the internet or you can visit any luxury or consignment store where this fabric can be availed. As easy as it is to buy any item, you will need to put more effort in taking care of Pashminas. The recommended method is dry cleaning but washing at homes is also permissible, if the technique you adopt is safe.