Tuesday 28 May 2024

An Overview About Scoliosis Treatment In India

An Overview About Scoliosis Treatment In India

What is scoliosis? It happens to be a medical condition where the spine works out to be deformed or curved. One thing is for sure it does appear to be one of the most complicated forms of surgeries. As per medical experts nearly 6 million children and this includes kids and adults are prone to this disorder. When the curve appears to be greater than 45 degrees you have no other option apart from a surgery.

On the other hand if the curve progresses beyond 70 degrees it could lead to a major deformity. As far as the operation evolves it is rated to be one of the most difficult surgical procedures. A hospital stay could lead to several weeks and your activity levels are bound to be restricted for several months as well. It is best cured when you go on to detect it at an early stage. Most often than not it would be better as part of the routine screening.

The diagnosis of the disease in your family also assumes a lot of importance. The doctor may ask your child to bend forward and this will go on to showcase any deformities in their back. The legs, hips of the child may be checked as well. In the manner on how your child moves will be a subject matter of testing as well. The following tests may also be called for as well

X rays- there are going to be x rays that are conducted on the spine of your child. It would mean the views form the side along with the back. With the help of the X rays you can find the curve or for the matter shape of the spine as well. If there are any fused bones it could also be seen at this point of time as well. The doctor may also cross check the fact whether the bones of your kid is still growing or not.

CT scan- In medical terms this also goes by the name of CT scan. With the help of this scan you figure out the pictures of the body of your baby. It presents a worthy scene to observe the blood vessels along with the bones of your baby. The doctor could also be able to pinpoint if your child is allergic to any substances.

MRI- Here the 3D images of your child is taken. With the help of a MRI it goes on to observe the blood vessels of the baby. When it is undertaken the child needs to lay still on the table.

The Scoliosis treatment in India does appear to be the lowest in the world. A lot of people feel that with less cost there has to be a compromise on the quality of the treatment. But this does not appear to be the case at all. Some of the best surgeons in the world have gone on to set base. They have had their education in the top educational hubs of the world.