Friday 19 April 2024

Arden Anderson Promotes Happiness In Health- Quintessential Factor In Well Being

Arden Anderson Promotes Happiness In Health- Quintessential Factor In Well Being

Have you ever asked yourself the question about how happy you are spending your days running behind success and money? Can you tell yourself that you are a content person when you lie on the bed at the end of the day? The answer in most cases would be no, then what is the reason behind this discontent life of most people? Dr. Arden Anderson has the answer to it; he believes that the lifestyle of the person is the prime factor in determining the happiness of an individual.

This is the reason he has used his experience and knowledge to first of all understand the defective areas of an individual’s life, this is not merely restricted to his/her eating habits but the entire lifestyle, and that includes the workplace and occupation as well. Arden Anderson, DO, MSPH, PhD applies integrative principles, prescribes a balance of diet and nutrition, conducts bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, prolotherapy with or without PRP, etc. to help one achieve the optimal condition of health.

The happiness that you seek cannot be got in the material things of life. No matter how much you slog and exhaust yourself trying to make all the amenities of life available to yourself, you will never be satisfied till the time you are actually being able to enjoy those completely. Your health plays a major role in defining your happiness – a healthier you is a happier you.

Taking care of your health does not just mean merely having a good meal devoid of unwanted junk food that is just a part of health maintenance. Your diet should be balanced, which means that you should consume all types of nutrients required by the body in proper quantities. The meals should be small and frequent instead of heavy and eaten after long intervals; cutting down on carbs completely is not a wise thing to do. Every nutrient ought to be present in your meal, what needs to be monitored is its proportion.

Having set a proper diet, the next thing to tend to, is physical exercise. Your daily schedule has to have a specific time dedicated for working out and getting rid of all the unnecessary products in your body. Whether you to use equipments, do yoga or even Pilates is up to you, but exercise in some form is an absolute must. Making sure that your body remains in movement most of the time, unless you are resting or sleeping, should be ensured.

Perhaps, the most crucial thing that helps you achieve a healthy and consequently a happy life is your determination. Once you have set your mind in following a disciplined routine, you have to make all efforts to stay committed to it. If you think it is difficult to stay focused, you could confide in some close friend or relative whose support you can take to overcome all temptations of not following the routine.

It is only the beginning that will seem a little rough, but the moment you see the results, you will never look back.