Thursday 18 July 2024

Backyard Basketball Court: How To Create One

It has been years now that basketball is growing in popularity. The times when you could go to the public basketball court in the nearby park or playground at any time of day and night and shoot ball on your own or with a couple of friends are long gone. Even if you find time in your busy schedule, the courts are nowadays crowded with youngsters and it is hard to get a chance to play. Fortunately, there is a solution, build a court in your backyard. This is what is needed to create one.

Getting the Size Right

Building a full size NBA basketball court would surely be a dream come true. Unfortunately, not all backyards are suitable or large enough to accommodate one. The most important feature is to get the size right, that is, to make the best use of the space you have and build a proportionate court. Measure the area you plan to build your court on, compare it to the official court measurements and scale it down to fit your needs. Since you probably will not need the whole court, concentrate on half court dimensions.

Backyard Basketball Court: How To Create One

Finding the Best Hoop

How many times was your game ruined just because you played on the court that had a lousy hoop? To prevent this, dedicate time to find the best one since there is a lot of things that need to be taken into account. The most important features to consider are backboard material, mounting system and, naturally, the budget available. Therefore, take your time and make sure you are absolutely certain what your preferences are before making the final choice.

Foundation and Surface Material

A proper foundation and surface material are essential for the overall quality of the basketball court. Having this in mind, the ground needs to be perfectly leveled before any surface is laid in order to have a perfectly flat court surface in the end. When it comes to surface material, there are several options available. Asphalt and concrete are the usual choice due to convenience of laying and durability. However, they do take a toll on ones knees and if you plan to use your court every day for a couple of hours, consider acrylic surfacing or other softer materials.

Backyard Basketball Court: How To Create One 

Painting the Lines

What good is a basketball court if you do not know when the ball is out or you scored a three pointer? Painting the lines is a penultimate step in creating a backyard court and it is taken after the surface is fully finished and dry and the hoop is firmly in position. When it comes to the paint choice, using quality road line marking paint guarantees durability and clean visibility in all weather conditions. Naturally, be meticulously precise when applying the paint, no zigzags are allowed.

Enriching the Area

Finally, make sure you enrich the court area and make it look cozy and welcoming. This does not mean you need to go over your budget. A couple of benches to sit on during the break, a small table to put your favorite refreshments on and a parasol to keep you shaded during hot summer days will make the world of difference and will not set you back too much. After all, you are primarily doing this to have fun, in and outside the court.

By knowing your preferences, space availability and budget limitations and following these steps you will surely build a backyard basketball court that will be enjoyed by the whole family and friends for years to come. Have fun!