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Basic Knowledge Given To Children On Electricity

Basic Knowledge Given To Children On Electricity

Since human beings are good conductors of electricity, the risk involved in handling any electrical appliance is also high.  Adults can however be cautious while working with any electrical materials , but children have to be given a little knowledge of electricity to overcome its hazards and for protection. Children must know the basic functioning of electrical devices , their advantages and disadvantages as well, this must be taught at primary level. An introduction to the basic electricity involves series and parallel circuits , their functioning and the current flow in the circuits including the switches.

Here are few things children must know about electricity and why they must know it :


All the electronic devices like play stations and game boy and all the automated toys like remote controlled cars, helicopters and singing dolls comes with batteries. And with the excessive use of any product, the battery becomes weak and it stops working. But if children are taught to use the devices and toys adequately and the battery charge up method like keeping the batteries in the sun or changing the batteries , then they become self dependant while playing.

Basic Knowledge Given To Children On Electricity

Electrical Laws:

Though children are taught about the electrical laws in the secondary level, but their knowledge is confined only to theory. They must be given a practical outlook on all the electrical laws under supervision for their better understanding  and if they would like to select their career as an Electrician or choose electrical engineering, this would be an added advantage.

Teach Children What To Do When Electrical Accidents Happen?

When you see an electrical accident around you , these are the tips you must follow to be safe:

  • Never touch the victims bare hand , you might also get shock.
  • Find an elder person for help and ask him to turn off the main power supply.
  • Call an emergency number and tell them about the accident happened to someone.
  • If you see any electrical accidents near a power station or junction, keep people away from it and with the help of a grown up adult call the electrical safety department or the emergency number of your state.
  • Though there might not be a physical injury in mild electric shocks , but the person needs to see a doctor because many a times the internal organs and heart gets affected which slowly shows the sign of defect.
  • If you see an electrical accident with the power line of your vehicle , better to jump out of the car without touching any of it metal body, but if it isn’t possible call for an emergency electrician or any adult nearby for help.

These are the basic things about electricity you must teach your children to keep him protected  from any such incidences. If not at school, its parents’ duty to look for their children’s protection. Always keep your children away from electrical appliances which involves risk.

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