Saturday 02 March 2024

Benefits of having a natural pool in your yard

You are building the home of your dreams, the place you want to spend the rest of your life with. Here you want to build a family, grow a life, and just create your sanctuary of peace and comfort. And one of the best comfort you can get is a nice pool.

However, did you ever think about getting a natural pool? More and more people are getting pools like these set up in their yard, and for good reason. With a lot of health benefits, as well as being a rising trend in both Europe and North America, you will certainly appreciate a nice pool like this. 

A natural pool

Now, the first thing that comes to mind when people think of natural pools is not that positive. They think something dirty, unclean, a pool filled with stagnant water and god knows what else. Well, that is completely, and utterly untrue. 

A natural pool has clean water that doesn’t destroy the environment, but that is actually part of the environment. Using biofilters, a careful selection of plants and good microorganisms, it is often healthier than a regular pool. As long as you set up your natural pool properly, you will get a slew of benefits, some of which you can find below.

They are very eco-friendly

First things first – natural pools have a much lower environmental impact. The chlorine, and other chemicals, used in swimming pools have a very clear adverse impact on the environment within which the pool can be found. It contributes to global warming, to the pollution of ground water. In more serious circumstances and situations, the chemicals that have leeched into the ground will get out, evaporate, and lead to acid rains.

Furthermore, the generation of chlorine, both in terms of its manufacture, and in order to properly go through the water, uses energy in order to power its generator.

Low maintenance costs

These pools are very easy to maintain (more on that below). However, know that they are very cheap to maintain since you won’t have to buy so many chemicals and maintenance applicants. You also won’t need a cleaner as often.

Now sure, initial building costs are expensive, whether you go with a good company, like Exterior for example, or just do it yourself. It’s a lot of work at first, and can be costly, but you’re in the clear later on. And trust us, these costs add up quickly.

They have a much more natural beauty to them

Some people like the unnatural blue light that comes off an artificial swimming pool. There is truly something soothing about it. However, a natural pool is part of the landscape. You are more in line with nature, you are part of the environment. Natural pool ads to the environment, it makes it better, more beautiful. Ponds, reeds, the flora and the fauna that is part of your pool – this all adds up, makes things much prettier, much better. 

Just think – do you prefer more nature in your backyard, more beauty, or would you rather get something man-made? This is of course, rather subjective, so take our advice with a grain of salt. 

Natural pools are not harmful to you

Artificial pools require chemicals in order to stay clean. However, these chemicals do affect your body, in ways you probably don’t like. Namely, chlorine is carcinogenic when absorbed by your skin. It can cause this disease, as well as leading to birth issues and reproductive problems. For children, it can cause asthma and allergic reactions, dry skin and general respiratory and skin issues. Natural swimming pools, on the other hand, use bacteria and microbes in order to stay clean and healthy. 

Easy to maintain

Finally, note that these are very easy to maintain. Since you won’t have to spend all that time monitoring pH levels, looking at your chlorine set up, cleaning it with chemicals, while still working hard to not go overboard…. A natural pool doesn’t need all of that.  In fact, maintaining your natural swimming pool is pretty much a joke (after the initial set up), since the entire point is that that a natural swimming pool is its own ecosystem. 


And there you have it folks, a couple of reasons why you should jump on the natural swimming pool bandwagon. Everybody likes taking a dip from time to time or just relaxing near the water. However, a regular pool is expensive, difficult to maintain, and is harmful to the environment and to you. A natural swimming pool, on the other hand, is in line with nature. Being a true part of the environment, a natural swimming pool will allow you to enjoy some extra natural splendor, all the while keeping you and the environment safe.