Wednesday 22 May 2024

Benefits Of Using Milk Thistle

herbal supplement

Milk thistle works very similar to synthetic chemicals in detoxification. But in case of liver protection, milk thistle shows unique characteristics. There is no equivalent found to milk thistle in liver protection.  When it comes saving patients poisoned due to Amanita mushrooms, milk thistle is the only solution found. It does miracles in this case.

Silymarin, an herbal supplement is more effective when given along with regular medication In some diseases. There are very less chances of side effects since it is a natural medication. For example in the treatment of diabetes silymarin is given along with the regular treatment. Suggested dose here is 200-300mg thrice a day depending on the patient and their health history. This dosage is followed for at least 12 months. Silymarin is also effective in diabetic nephropathy.

herbal supplement


  • Silymarin can complement in the treatment of viral hepatitis
  • It helps in the prevention of gallstones
  • Drugs and alcohol related damages on liver cane be dealt with silymarin. It helps in regeneration of liver cells.
  • Silymarin is effective in bile-induces liver damages.
  • It is very effective in cirrhosis patients. It has proven that silymarin can increase the survival rate in cirrhosis patients.
  • Some pharmaceuticals like acetaminophen and tetracycline can cause stress on the liver. Silymarin can protect liver from this stress.
  • Silymarin is a best anti oxidant. It can protect cells from damaging toxins. It is more potent in antioxidant activity compared to Vitamin E.
  • It does detoxification of liver by increasing glutathione in the liver. Glutathione can detoxify other hormones, chemicals and drugs. Silymarin can increase glutathione level by 35%.
  • When silymarin is used in cell culture, it increase the antioxidant enzyme level called superoxide dismutase.
  • Damaged liver cells are replaced by new ones by accelerating liver cell production through stimulation of protein synthesis in liver.
  • Synthesis of leukotrienes are inhibited by silymarin


Individuals suffering from viral hepatitis van use silymarin. Silymarin can reduce the complications even in serious conditions. Silymarin can accelerate the recovery process in viral hepatitis. For viral hepatitis the suggested dose is 140mg thrice a day. This should be followed for three weeks. Studies have shown that after the treatment with silymarin, bilirubin normalized to 40%. This was a significant improvement.

Individuals who are poisoned by A phalloides can be treated with silymarin. Usually survival rate in children poisoned by A phalloides is very low. But silymarin treatment can increase the survival rate even in these cases. Silymarin treatment is also effective in case of poisoning by phenothiazines and butyrophenones. But this type of poisoning should be treated immediately. The extract used here is called silibinin; which is one of the sylimarin constituents. Among all the flavonolignans, silibinin is the most activeconstituent. Severe injuries by poisoning can be avoided by the immediate medication. Dosage of silibinin suggested here is 33mg/kg/day. This should be followed for 81.6 hours. This dosage is an intravenous infusion. Survival chances are very high in this method.