Thursday 18 April 2024

Best and Quick Makeup Tips For Perfect Looks

Wouldn’t we all like to know and learn a few tips and tricks of getting to look better or fixing a skin emergency at the last second? I know I would.

If there is anything I could handle in the few seconds that I have before rushing for that meeting where I am trying to make a good first impression, or that date that I was looking forward to the entire month, I would have been the happiest person in the world. Here are a few tips that you can always use when the going gets tough

Use a spoon or scotch tape when you are adding mascara in a hurry

Almost every girl I know spends ages getting their mascara right, but they don’t have to. This is a simple solution, and can be done with stuff you already have lying around. Keep a spoon under your eye and then add the mascara so it doesn’t smudge on anything other than the lashes they should be on.

You can also try using scotch tape by sticking it to your face so that the excess of the mascara gets on the tape and you don’t mess up your face. This is ideal if you have to get it done in a hurry and you don’t have the time to be gentle and make sure that it is done right.

Shape your eyes right

Everyone has a different shape for their eyes and it is important to use what you have and emphasize it to make yourself look better. You can do this with your eyes, first thing is to figure out the shape of eyes you have. Make sure you are noting what you have and not what you wish you did.

Accentuate the shape of your eyes by using eye liner and creating any illusion that you want with it to create. Make them wider, closer set, more prominent and whatever else you want.

Make your eyes pop

The trick here is to add a background to the color that you were going to use for your eye lids, and not using it on your skin directly. It would be advisable to add a white background for the entire eye lid and above that adding the other color just the way you wanted to.

This emphasizes the color that you are using and makes it stick out more than it would have if used directly.

Making your lips a little larger than they all are

We all do not have large lips that we can brag about, but there are ways to make them look just as large. Just add your lipstick to your lips the way you would normally do. After you are done, you have to slowly start heading above and below your lips. Do this gentle and sticking as close to your lips as possible. Keep moving away as slow as possible until you are satisfied with the result.

Make sure you are safe

Although we have spoken so much about Makeup tips and tricks, you have to make sure the contents you are using are usable. Beauty products have expiration dates as well. Using natural stuff helps and is not as bad even if you have been cheating with their validity. You should not play with those expiration dates otherwise and toss them out when you have to. Remember that you are using most of this stuff on your face which is sensitive and you could end up with scars and other issues which you are better off without.