Sunday 26 May 2024

Best Restaurants In London

The Ledbury

The Ledbury has won many awards including the All in London Ultimate London Restaurant in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and this year it has two Michelin Stars from the Michelin Guide 2017. This is a French cuisine restaurant that offers an exquisite menu with optional wine pairings. The chef Brett Graham began his cooking career at 15 in Newcastle, Australia and later in 2002 won the “Young Chef of the Year” award.


Rules was established in 1798 by Thomas Rule and is the oldest restaurant in London. Rules still serves traditional British foods such as its specialties classic game, oysters, pies and puddings. During the reign of nine monarchs, this flourishing restaurant has been owned by three families. Rules has 90 employees made up of 35 Chefs, 3 Directors, 3 Housekeepers & Maintenance, 4 Managers, 5 Reservations & Back Office, 38 Waiting & Wine and 1 Proprietor. The restaurant also offers multiple private dining options and a cocktail bar. Rules is a unique and exceptional dining experience.

Liman Restaurant

Liman Restaurant is a Mediterranean eatery. The food is known for being incredible. The restaurant offers a main menu, a dessert menu, a takeaway menu and a wine list. The Liman Restaurant specialized in kebabs, vegetarian and fish dishes, fresh salads and homemade baklava.


Scott’s Opened as an oyster warehouse in 1851, Scott’s is a seafood restaurant located in Mount Street, Mayfair and is among the top five oldest restaurants in London. The restaurant offers terrace dining and cocktails with a menu that reflects its heritage. Scott’s serves the finest traditional fish and shellfish dishes along with a variety of meat and seasonal game favorites. The restaurant does offer private dining options and many menus including A La Carte, Vegetarian, Dessert, Wine and Cocktails.


Pétrus is a world-famous Gordon Ramsay restaurant that is both warm and stylish. This restaurant has modern interpretations on classic dishes which can be complemented by over 2,000 different bottles of wine. This Michelin star restaurant offers French cuisine and private dining options. Pétrus has an A La Carte menu, Lunch menu, Perfect Match menu, Chef’s Tasting Menu, Sunday menu and dessert menu as well as, drinks, wines and special group menus

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