Sunday 14 April 2024

Best Ways to Avoid Getting a Genital Herpes

The best way to avoid STD or sexually transmitted diseases is by abstaining from health. However, this is not the choice people would like to make because it is unnatural and can lead to other issues. Fortunately, if you have chosen to have sex, you can reduce the possibility of getting STD such as herpes.

First, you have to understand yourself and know your partner too. Also, you have to think about safe sex that will reduce the possibility of getting anything you do not like. If you do not know important facts about genital herpes, we recommend you to check this article.

Let us see how you can protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases:

Practice Safe Sex Every Single Time

Safe sex with condom, gloves, female condom or other appropriate barriers will only work if you are consistent about it. Therefore, you have to make up your mind so that you can have safe sex every time you do it.

In case that your sex life involves vaginal or anal intercourse, you should always use a condom if you want to reduce the possibility of getting STD. In case that your partner has a high risk of STD, you should be consistent during oral sex too. Have in mind that these ways and techniques will not help you protect yourself 100%, but it will reduce the chances of getting anything you do not want.

Get Frequent Tests with Your Partner

If you want to avoid getting STD and spreading it to your partner, you should get frequent tests and treatments in case something happens. It does not matter if you are at high risk of getting it, or your partner recommends you to be tested before the relationship because both of you can get most out of it.

If one of you features high risk of disease, then you should do it more frequently. On the other hand, if you are being treated for an STD, you should finish the entire treatment before you return to your casual sexual activity. If you neglect this, you and your partner can end up passing an infection and cause severe issues along the way.

Have Sex Only In Monogamous Relationship

When two people are having sex with one another that will reduce the possibility of getting new STD into a relationship. In case that you test yourself and your partner and both of you are healthy and remain faithful to each other, you will reduce the risk of getting sexual diseases.


However, it is important to be honest with your partner and yourself, especially whether you are faithful or not. Even if you practice safe sex with your long-term partner, you will feel more secure, and that will take trust issue out of the equation.

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Understand Your Limits

Most people cannot use their brain during the heat of the moment and passion, but it is important to be one step ahead and to start thinking before everything begins.

If you end on a date and have plans for the night, or if some opportunity arises to have sex and fool around, you should make rational decisions on which you wish to choose for your partner. That is the best way to prevent future issues that could happen.

Talk To Your Partner

It is essential to constantly talk with your partner about sex, and about safe sex that could reduce the possibility of getting STDs. Open, clear and honest communication is vital in all aspects of the relationship, especially sexual.

Therefore, you should be able to tell your partner not just for STD testing and safer sex, but also about monogamy and whether your relationship will stand the test of time.

 In all cases, you should focus on the truth and see what your partner thinks about it. By improving communication skills, you will make your sex life safer and will reduce chances of getting the sexually transmitted disease.

Do Not Use Drugs or Drink Before Having Sex

Sex requires responsibility especially if you want to avoid problems in your future life. One mistake can cost you a lot, which is why you should avoid being impaired by alcohol and drugs and having sex at the same time.

When you are intoxicated, you are more likely to choose someone you would not for sex, and apart from that, you will not think too much about safe sex. In case that you plan to go out drinking, or use other substances, you should make your mind what you will do afterward.

Then you should tell your friend what you expect so that you can stick with the plan. Have in mind that if you are on birth control and you vomit due to alcohol intoxication, it will lose effectiveness.