Sunday 16 June 2024

Blazing Fast: 5 Network Speed Hacks Everyone Should Know

Few things are as aggravating as dealing with a slow network connection when you are trying to complete a school project or look up important information for work. If this sounds like your own situation, then you might be surprised to hear that you can actually speed up your network with a few minor changes and updates. Here is a look at some steps you can take to make your network as fast as possible for every device in your home.

1. Find a New Spot for the Router

Even the direction of your router’s antenna can have a major impact on which rooms have a clear signal and which devices will lose connection. Because every building is slightly different, you will most likely need to experiment with the location before you find the perfect spot.

2. Change the Channel

Just like a radio, many new routers have multiple channels to choose from. Some of these channels are better for large downloads at shorter ranges while others have better speeds when the devices are multiple rooms away. Families should systematically test each channel to see which has the best upload and download speeds. For those who have neighbors, changing your channels might reduce interference from their routers.

3. Move Your Appliances

Almost any device that is powered with electricity can affect a family’s Wi-Fi signal. In some cases, the appliances will completely block any signals that are trying to get through them. After moving your appliances to free up the signal, you should also try to turn off all of your electronics whenever they are not being used. Some of the worst offenders include dishwashers, microwaves, and dryers.

4. Set a Strong Password

Creating a password for your wireless network is about much more than security. Even if your neighbors are not purposefully connecting to your network, their devices might automatically connect to your Wi-Fi when they need to update or send information. Depending on what router you are using, you will either need to download the accompanying software or head to an online dashboard to change the settings. A strong password should be at least eight characters long with a mix of numbers and letters.

If your network is still slow, then you might be dealing with broken hardware. In this case, you would need to contact Ottawa IT support to see if you can change your router or upgrade to a new plan. Hopefully you can ramp up the speed of your network with these tips and be on your way to lightning-fast downloading and streaming.