Thursday 20 June 2024

Body Building For Women

Body Building For Women

When you think of body building you may be put off by the photographs of professional body builders and think it is not for you. As spectacular as their physiques may be, this may not be the bikini body you were thinking of. The look may be a little extreme for the average woman but don’t be repelled by the idea and think that body building is not for you, think of it as a way of developing and maintaining the best body you will ever have. Strength training will make you stronger and fitter than you have been at any other time in your life and you only need work to the level you prefer. If you don’t plan to compete then you only need develop the physique you want to achieve. Here are some guidelines for getting started.

Determine Your Goal

Whether you want to obtain the best body of your life, lose weight, build muscle become a professional or simply want to stay fit as well as looking your best, whatever your reasons, it’s best to set a goal before you start. With your goal set in place you will find it easier to focus on an end result which will help drive you and keep you motivated. It will also stand as a measure of your success and may inspire you to set a higher goal once you have reached your original objective.

A Place to Workout

You may find looking for a gym near you be the best way to start. Somewhere that’s easier to get to than to avoid! The gym environment often works as a good motivator allowing you to concentrate on what you need to achieve and you will have access to the staff who can advise you on best practise when lifting free weights and using the machines. Visit the gym and ask for a day pass so you can see if it’s the right place for you before committing. As you get into your routine you may need the guidance of a personal trainer who will also be the best person to motivate you when you find you are losing focus. Your gym may have a trainer that is affiliated with them but also you why not search online for ‘personal trainer Northampton’ or wherever you live, to find one in your area who can help you reach your goals.

Body Building For Women

Commit to the Weights

To start to make a difference to your shape you need to commit three days a week to weight training. A Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be perfect. Remember to warm up and spend about an hour per session. Remember, to stretch before and after a session and once you have become used to the routine, push yourself further and train hard. You will need to plan your workout to rest a particular muscle group before working it again and don’t forget to get as much sleep as you need.

Ramp up the Cardio

Choose your favourite activity whether running, cycling, spinning or swimming as if you enjoy it then it will be easier to commit to training. Trainers will usually advise high intensity interval training or HIIT as the ideal way to burn fat using the 3 to 1 rest to work ratio in other words train hard for 30 seconds and lighter for 90 seconds then repeat.

Change Your Diet

A good diet is essential for maintaining health and fitness, you will need to eat sensibly 80-90% of the time. Say goodbye to processed foods, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, reduce your sugar and salt intake and be sensible when it comes to drinking alcohol. Eat plenty of lean protein to repair muscles and carbohydrates to give you energy to fuel your workouts. You will need to eat fats, but healthy fats in the form of oily fish such as salmon or tuna, nuts, seeds and avocados. Ensure the grains you eat are whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. There is plenty of information out there about healthy diets as well as recipes to help support your exercise regime so read and gain as much information as possible. Your diet will fuel and support you mind, your body and ultimately your journey to reaching your goals.