Friday 19 July 2024

Brining Restaurant Style Convenience To Your Kitchen

For many people, cooking is a wonderful activity. Not only providing stress relief, but the ability to make delicious and healthy food for you and your family. While many people enjoy cooking, there are some things that can just be a nuisance. The sink in particular, can be a stalling point during cooking. For this reason, many professional kitchens employ a pot filler, or a pasta arm. Simply put, it’s a very long faucet that pulls out like a hinge, and can be used to fill pots with water. While that might not sound very impressive, the benefits can be immense, especially if you tend to do a lot of cooking.

Pasta Lovers, Rejoice!

One of the biggest benefits to having a pasta arm is that it keeps the sink free and clear. This means you can be filling a pot or adding water to a dish without the need to occupy a sink. For those that enjoy al dente style pasta, you know that time is off the essence when it comes to draining and rinsing, to keep the pasta from overcooking. While you’re filling up a pot on the stove, you can still keep the sink clear to drain and rinse.

Increased Efficiency

When you’re cooking something more involved than just throwing a meal in the oven you begin to understand why efficiency is such a big deal in the kitchen. There’s few things that can be more time consuming, as well as annoying, than having to add water, cup by cup, to a dish. The pasta arm can help speed up this process while you focus on other areas. When you’re making larger meals, Thanksgiving dinner for example, every bit of space counts, so being able to fill up at the stove can save you a great deal of time and energy.

Water is Heavy

You might not think it, but a pot of water can get to be pretty heavy. A gallon of water weighs 8 lbs, which can quickly add up when you’re working with a stock pot or a soup pot. A pot filler can keep you from having to lug the water across the kitchen, which can put some strain on the wrists and arms, as you can fill it up right there on the stove. What’s more is because the pot filler moves to where you need it, you can avoid having to stoop over to put the pot on the back burner which can put some strain on your lower back.

Getting Classy in the Kitchen

Another reason homeowners love their pasta arms and pot fillers, is because they look nice. Adding a touch of chrome or brushed nickel helps to accentuate your kitchen. And because the pasta arm would look a little strange just sticking out of the wall by itself, it’s the perfect reason to add a tile backsplash which can really help tie the look and feel of your kitchen together. As the kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in the entire house, it’s important to design something that you’ll be happy with for many years to come. A pasta arm is one of the few amenities that fills the role of both form and function, bringing restaurant style convenience together with the look and feel of your own personal kitchen.” target=”self”>+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group” target=”self”>website.