Monday 20 May 2024

Budget Items That Are Perfect When Moving Into A New Home

Moving into a new home involves large financial outlays and it’s quite common for new homeowners or those who just moved into a new rented property to be short of cash, with a lot of rooms requiring furnishing. As long as you are willing to make some small sacrifices and are flexible about what sort of look you want to achieve you can furnish your new home at rock bottoms rates, while achieving a stunning result.

Furnishing your New Kitchen

Your new home might be completely devoid of any appliances, and appliances are expenses pieces of furniture. Think carefully about what you need on a day-to-day basis: perhaps you don’t actually do much cooking, and can get away without a fully featured oven. Cooking every meal by microwave is not recommended, so you could try an inexpensive dual plate hob to start with.

For cutlery and utensils consider going to a thrift or charity store to find some bargain basement deals. As and when you have the finances to replace items you can do so, but in the meantime, you don’t want to miss out on essential kitchen items – so go for the cheapest items you can find. In fact if you have any spare cash try and spend it on quality appliances: plates and cups will break regardless of purchase price, but investing in a quality fridge will get you an item that lasts many years.

Decorating your Lounge

As one of the items in your house that will experience the most wear in tear you could be better off with a good used sofa rather than a brand new cheap unit that will not last very long at all. Bear in mind that as you settle into your house your views on what suitable, matching furnishings are will change, so it is wise to keep spending low at the initial stage until you have settled in.

A thing you need to avoid in your living room is to have bare walls. You are in luck though – popular stores stock a big range of wall decorations that can perk up your living room at very low cost. From affordable wallpaper through to photo frames and pre-framed prints you will find something to lift an uninteresting room.

Cheering up your Bedroom

Though you could compromise on a lot of the items in your bedroom, don’t do so with your mattress. The quality of the mattress you sleep on affects everything from how well you rest through to your long-term health – a cheap mattress can be ruinous for your body. Thankfully, used bed frames are plentiful, and you could buy a used, quality mattress if it is in good condition.

As with your living room you can perk up your bedroom with some cheap decorative touches, even if some of the furniture is not yet in place. A cheap and colorful rug will do wonders and provide a comfortable place for your feet, while a creative set of bed covers would also help. Often, light fixtures can be changed easily – changing the boring old lampshade above your bed to something interesting can be inexpensive, and make all the difference.

Finding Affordable Furnishings and Items for Decorating

The Internet is an excellent place to look for cheap furniture and small, decorative items. Not only will you find the best prices online, but websites such as New Easy have an extensive selection of items ranging from the run of the mill to unique items that you won’t find in a retail store. Often it is the cheap but carefully chosen and placed items that can turn a home furnished on a budget into a warm and welcoming dwelling.

Don’t forget that there are useful items available free or for next to no money. Look at centers in your community where people drop off unwanted items, or search one of the many websites where people sell or give away items they don’t need. Keep an open mind – though an item may have had a certain intended use, you could repurpose it.

Make a Start

Initially furnishing a new and possibly much larger dwelling can be daunting, but keep in mind that almost every owner of a beautiful home had to make a start somewhere. Few people start out with stunning interiors on day one – it is a slow process of collecting quality items over a period. However, you can get off to a jump-start by buying cleverly and using a bit of creativity when decorating.