Sunday 19 May 2024

Business Licenses In Singapore

Singapore is a rough country to have a business in and you should be completely prepared for anything. If you are sure about starting your business in Singapore, then you will need to get business licenses in Singapore. Singapore business licenses are industry specific and you will need to ensure that you file for the right licenses. This means that if you are starting a retail store, you should apply for a retail shop license for your business. Each industry has its specifics and you should ensure that you have all the paperwork filed properly when getting your business started.

Industry Options

The number of industries that you can choose from are endless and may leave you with a little bit to think about depending on the kind of business you plan on starting. These industries include private education, telecommunications, publishing, real estate, event management, shipping, F&B, financial, travel, employment, western medicine, spa, hotel, trading activities, construction, or retail. Each license has specific requirements that must be bet before you can obtain your business license and you should ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done to properly ensure you will receive your license to do business.


Something people may not think about when applying for business licenses in Singapore is the amount of time that it can take for you to actually be granted your license. Depending on the type of license you are applying for, the length of time until you receive your business license can range between two weeks and two months. There is no rushing this process, and it is important to understand that you should possess your license before you can even open your business or start hiring. Since each type of license is different, consider looking into each to find out about how long you will need to wait for the one you have applied for.

First Steps

Getting your business established as well as receiving your business license in Singapore is not the hardest part of starting your business. As long as all information and documentation are properly provided to the necessary parties, there is no reason your request for licensing should be rejected. However it is highly recommended that if you are just starting your first company in Singapore, you should hire professional services to assist you in getting your business off the ground. This can protect you from dealing with any hassles on your own as well as provide you the guidance that you may need.


While various people will suggest a wide variety of different things, hiring a professional when getting your business license in Singapore can not only show you what you need to do and the processes to getting it done. You will also be able to learn how to handle things over the first few months to get your business up and running successfully. If you aren’t familiar with the culture in Singapore, then the professional help can guide you through the dos and don’ts of business in Singapore.

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