Friday 19 April 2024


No business can function without communication, and no communication is possible without telephone system. Business uses their phone system for everyday use: be it the customer service team, supplies, sales team, etc. And just like any machine, a phone system has its life. Irrespective of the amount of maintenance, every system has a lie, and they will not function as efficiently they in the initial years.

Following are some of the common problems businesses face at some time with their phone system:


With the continuous technical evolution, even a 5-7 years old phone system can become obsolete and incapable of meeting the current business requirement. Install an updated phone system from companies like Nortel, Siemens, Toshiba, etc. that has all the latest features like Video chat, instant messaging, presence, voicemail to email, call recording, and call analytics and provide impressive scalability to let your business stay ahead of the curve.


With the growing business, an outdated phone system won’t be able to handle all the incoming, outgoing calls, video conferences, leading to exhaustion of its capacity.


Make sure that as your business grows, with the increasing number of employees, your phone system can support more lines. If the system is outdated, install a new system that will facilitate elbow room, more features, thereby increasing your business’s efficiency.

Keep these following critical factors in mind when purchasing a telephone system:

Which phone system and provider would be right for your business? The decision boils down to the resources available to you.

Which phone system fits your budget?

Do you have an able IT staff to maintain and repair the phone system?
Are you thinking about expanding your business?
Look for system provide that will provide an optimum level of support and service to your business with their resources and technical expertise.

Do you need a traditional landline system, VoIP phone system, on-premise phone system or cloud-based phone system?

Each of these systems has its pros and cons, like traditional landline system despite is a time-tested, reliable and comfortable solution but is getting replaced with more advanced systems. Then there is the cloud-based system which gives the businesses the freedom to connect to a new line, quick access to feature without the hassle of any PBX Software. But if there’s any glitch or it goes down, only the service provider can fix it.

If your business operates from multiple locations, which would be better? On-premise phone system or cloud-based system? Though both the phone system would work adequately for multi-location businesses, cloud-based would still be a better choice since it can simplify, standardized and secure all the communication on to one platform.

Now that you know the common issues with business phone systems and what factors to keep into account when buying on for your business, it’s upon you to get select the phone system depending upon your business requirement be it Nortel telephone system, Toshiba phone system on Siemens telephone system. When looking for a service provider, always hire those with a team of specialized system engineer since they will help you with accurate installation and future brand- district maintenance and repair, if needed.