Thursday 18 April 2024

Businesses Making Profits With Superior Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile applications have become mainstream across various sectors today and are also the core of digital revolution. Customers are now effortlessly switching to alternative applications on their smartphones and have also become intolerant towards functional defects, poor user experience, device compatibility issues, below-par performances, etc. Hence, mobile apps testing have now emerged as a critical business function.

Usual Challenges Faced by Organisations

According to the latest World Quality Report 2015-16 research, around 35% of the QA and Testing Budget is generally spent on the front office and mobile solutions. Several businesses these days are not that well-equipped to handle the intricacies and possibilities of the testing processes for the various mobile devices, platforms and services. There has been a commendable shift of attention in the application testing verticals. Now, the traditional function testing of the apps is followed by compatibility testing, performance testing, and functionality testing as well. However, even the most renowned companies with a strong testing groundwork often encounter several challenges with application testing. For example:

  • User experiences
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Mobile devices’ physical attributes
  • System integrations
  • Device, OS and Platform fragmentation
  • App distribution management

Professional App Testing Services is Vital

Mobile technology is ever-developing and persistent, and customers are in need of a flawless mobile performance, irrespective of how they are using the device. The mobile testing services present several unique issues, like device fragmentation, short usage patterns, limited memory and screen sizes, etc. Hence, with proper mobile apps testing services, all these challenges can be faced boldly, thereby, making the customers happy. And this is the reason why the top organisations today are getting hold of reputed mobile application testing companies to ensure that their mobile devices, network services, and applications work seamlessly worldwide in diverse languages.

 Mobile Application Testing Checklist

There are a number of aspects which the testing team should consider while running a mobile app testing process. These are related to some of the specific areas of the application, including installation, network usage, performance, device integration and interruptions. So, here is the checklist that needs to be followed by the QA and testing team to ensure smooth workability of an app:

  • Installation: The testing team should look into the installation procedure of the app intricately. Also, the process of reinstalling or uninstalling the app should be looked into, along with the regular updating method which the app will go through.
  • Network: The testing team should equally analyse the network quality, type, transition, and loss. This will ensure the smooth running of the app once it’s being installed in a device.
  • Performance: While inspecting the performance of an app, the testers should examine the responsiveness and speed of the same, along with its memory usage and CPU. They should also ensure that the app doesn’t contribute to battery drainage.
  • Interruption: Examining the incoming and outgoing calls, notifications and pop-up alerts are vital as well. The testers should also check the kind of impact the power cycle of the device will have on the app.
  • Device Integration: Testers should look into the integration of the app with the device which includes the app’s ability to utilize the location and GPS of the device, its camera, and videos as well as the displayed contents.

To build an app without a proper testing procedure is insensible. For the organisations who deal with mobile phones, it can be actually harmful for their status. Mostly, the negative reviews of mobile apps are based on battery outages, crashes, and ill network performances. Hence, an optimised mobile app testing process can solve all these issues and help the organisations to prevent any failure of the apps. Reputed mobile application testing services can easily improve the profits of a business if it is being applied from the very early stage of the app development.