Monday 20 May 2024

Buying A New TV? 7 Things You Must Know

Buying A New TV? 7 Things You Must Know

A TV can change the entire look of your living room. A gorgeous design and stunning display and sound can make your TV a very special gadget of your sweet home. But we all want to buy a proper TV set that will be on the budget and will have important features.

Size and Panel

Always know your room’s measurement and the distance from your sitting arrangements before buying a particular size of the TV. buy larger sizes if your room is large or else stick to smaller to medium sizes. Even the panel selection is important. If dust is a major factor that can harm your home appliances then you must buy a set with IPS panels or glass-coated VA panels.

LED or LCD or Plasma

There are a number of options available to buy from such as SuperLED, QLED, and so on. But not all of us can afford a TV for huge amount of money. For experiencing true true LED you need to spend good amount or else you get little difference between LCD and LED for low budget ones. Plasma displays are really good choice, but they are costly to repair. So, LED and LCD are better options. Make sure you buy a TV whose display will not strain your eyes.

Full HD or HD

If you are watching a blu-ray movie at a distance of 8 feet or else only then you can tell the difference between an HD and a full HD TV. below 46inches there is hardly much difference. But if you are planning to choose any one always go for full HD ones. In case of Full HD your TV is capable in handling signal of 1080 lines and is equipped with HD tuner, Freesat HD mostly. Whereas, in HD your TV is capable in handling High Definition signal, although it produces signal of 720 lines.

Smart TV, Connectivity

When you are buying a new TV look for three HDMI ports and not anything less. And if your are looking for buying a smart TV then make sure it has built-in wifi with it. This is because in the near future you will see a lot of internet based services in your smart TVs as well as integration of social network. It is always better to choose an upgraded model considering the amount of changes are happening in the gadget world day by day. If you have a TV compatible with future services then you don’t have to worry to buy a new one.

Media Playback

Each different model of TV is made with different format. So, never assume that your set will support any movie files. Some supports DivX video only and some support DivX HD only. Always buy TVs that support AVI, MP4, MKV and other formats as well. Before buying talk with the salesperson and learn about the media playback feature. In case you plan on using portable hard drive your TV must support the size of disk. Put effort and take your hard drive on the showroom and see for yourself if your hard drive works on the TV you wish to buy. The DivX format is widely famous as it supports various types of video and audio streams.

Passive or Active 3D

If you want to buy a DivX format is widely famous then go for LG and if you want an active 3D TV then Samsung or Sony could be your choice. For a more casual use passive 3Ds are the ideal choices. You can easily buy the 3D glasses in affordable costs and can enjoy 3D experience. If you buy an active 3D set then you will require to buy glasses that are on the higher budgets. So buy a TV depending on your budget and usage. Active 3Ds are mostly suited with blue-ray disks.


For gaining extended period of warranty you need to pay premium in the outlet from where you have bought it. If you buy it from the company outlet then you can get 10-15% cut on the price. But even if you have to pay extra this is a good way to extend your warranty. You may not require any service in the first year of your purchase, but you might after two years. This is why extended warranty is very helpful.  The factory warranty is not going to last for more than a year. If you go for extended warranty then you will definitely get benefits on maintenance, low-cost repair, free replacement and many more.

To sum up it can be said that a TV buying guide is overwhelming considering the above factors to keep in mind. But no matter which brand you choose you need to check for TV service centre if you want after sales service. From installation to maintenance service centres are essential to consider.