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Can An Auto Glass Shop Repair Scratched Windshield Glass

Can An Auto Glass Shop Repair Scratched Windshield Glass

Any type of glass can become scratched and the windshield on your car is no exception. It could be the result of animals walking over the windshield, a rock sliding across the glass even a low hanging branch can leave scratches. While these scratches may be barely visible you may notice one day they are interfering with your vision while driving. The good news is that a visit to your auto glass repair shop will be able to fix these scratches in most cases. Below is some useful information from First Response Glass about windshield scratches so read on:

Can An Auto Glass Shop Repair Scratched Windshield Glass

Don’t Try This at Home

There are kits available that allow you to attempt to repair scratches yourself, it is advisable to leave this type of repair in the hands of the professionals. An inexperienced person could wind up doing more damage to the windshield while trying to buff out the existing scratches.

How Can The Auto Glass Shop Fix Scratches?

When you visit the auto glass shop they’ll start by assessing the depth of the scratch/s then decide on what kind of repair is needed. Running a finger along the surface of the scratch to determine how deep the scratch is and generally if the finger does not stop or become stuck over the scratch means it’s superficial and can be buffed or polished out. Now if the finger test results in it getting stuck the scratch is too deep and needs to be filled in and repaired using the same method used for chips or dents caused by rocks.

How Does The Glass Shop Polish or Buff Windshield Scratches Out?

Scratches found to be superficial will typically be buffed or polished to remove them. The glass specialist will use a metal compound to aid the polishing or buffing any scratches out. This can be done by hand or with a polishing tool and will depend on the size of the scratch, none of the other glass surface will be touched in the process. What the compound does buff away a small layer of glass to reveal a new unscratched layer. Working slowly and carefully is essential as the compound can scratch the unaffected layer of glass or remove too much glass if done incorrectly.

Any flaws or imperfections in your windshield can impact your ability to see clearly and drive in a safe manner. When you’re needing windshield scratches fixed, don’t delay, in Victoria BC call First Response Auto Glass And Repair to schedule an appointment now.