Monday 22 July 2024

Celebrate Your Wedding At A Historic Castle

Every engaged couple wants a beautiful wedding, but the venues for the big day are changing to become more glamorous. Not content with a register office or even a church, people are looking to more unique locations for their nuptial celebrations. One of the growing locations of choice is a historic castle – in particular Lulworth Castle. The big day would not be complete without some photographs of the happy couple, and a Lulworth Castle photographer is a necessity for creating those forever pictures of the grand event.

The Awesome Contrast of a Castle Backdrop

Lulworth Castle is known for its beautiful landscape, and this makes it an ideal choice for a historic castle wedding. Not only can guests enjoy the spectacular grounds, but they can also explore the ancient building itself, with the wedding and the reception held at the venue. The wonderful cave rooms are large and grand, giving this venue a feeling of awe and wonder.

Lulworth Castle is not only known as a wedding venue. It is also used by television companies, including the BBC, to give a glorious backdrop to its programmes. A castle also gives a certain fairy-tale quality to a wedding, which is a popular theme in recent times, as explored by this Guardian article.

A venue such as a historic castle can add to the style and elegance of a wedding. The bride’s dress can be delicate and feminine, contrasting beautifully with the grandeur of a castle setting. A skilled photographer can also create the right atmosphere by using the castle backdrop to great effect.

The Right Photographer for Your Wedding

In addition to great camera skills, a photographer also needs to help people feel at ease having their picture taken. There are many photographers to choose from in the south of England, and you can be sure of stunning results with a number of experts, including Nick Rutter Photography at Lulworth Castle wedding photographer.

Castle weddings have grown in popularity in recent years, and Lulworth Castle is just one of many different castle venues available throughout the UK for weddings. Just make sure you add the perfect ingredient to your wedding day by engaging an expert photographer who is a specialist in castle weddings to ensure the best possible photographs of your big day.