Monday 26 February 2024

Cell phone happens to Pied Piper for children: How to Rescue kids on Black Friday?

Cyber friday

We all used to of listening classic stories and I remember the one that is a pretty famous “Hamelin pied piper”. The legendary story tells us that the pied piper, in the end, took all the children from the town to an unknown place. Nowadays, parents are facing tech-based pied piper who doesn’t take kids from the parents but mentally it is doing the same and youth all across the globe has become the victim of this particular technological pied piper. Teens and young teens are addicted to cell phones, PCs and tablet devices connected to the internet.

  So, screen –the time of the teens is more likely to higher than the normal ones who do believe in real-life activities. According to the common sense media report, teens are used to spending more than 8 hours a day on their smartphone devices having internet access. Most of the activities of teens are all about social media and they love to install it on their digital phones.

Why protect teens and kids from tech-based pied piper? Cellphone

Apart from mobile phone addiction of teens, they do such activities on social media and on the web that can put them into trouble at any point in time. Teens these days are used to performing social media freaky challenges such as burn and scar challenge, Keke challenge, Blue Whale challenge, ice bucket challenge and plenty of others alike in which teens and children have got injured and lose their lives reportedly.

Furthermore, teens also have got involved in hookups online using instant messengers and dating apps like Tinder. Additionally, teens are using mobile phones as X –rated theaters in pockets. Furthermore, they visit adult content on mobile devices installed or built-in browsers and at the end of the day become obsessed with porn. The obsession of the cell phone consists of plenty of other things like text messaging and text conversations with friends and strangers and sharing of nude and self-obscenity based videos.

 Resultantly, teen’s encounters with the bullies online are very common and get trapped by the stalkers and sexual predators that approach teens for sexual motives being sex addicts. When it comes to health teen’s obsession with social media, internet, and digital devices prevents teens from real-life activities. So, teens could become obese, got depression, anxiety and behavior issues.

Teen’s cellphone addiction statistics

  • Almost 60% of young teens in U.S admit they are addicted to phone
  • More than 70% of children used to of sleeping with digital phones
  • 35% of children obsessed with mobile phones wake up thinking about mobile
  • Almost 36% of teenagers always staring cellphone screen back and for
  • 54% of teen’s user loves to remain online on their smartphones
  • 44% of American teenagers do believe that they cannot spend a day without mobile

How to know teens are addicted to cell phone device?

Following are the major signs and symptoms of cellphone addiction in teens.

  • Behavior issues
  • Unsocial life
  • Loneliness
  • Cannot stop using cellphone device
  • Stress, depression and anxiety

Make sure online safety luckily Black Friday right around the corner

Most people make their shopping lists before the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to have maximum discounts on goods, things, and costumes they looking forward to having somehow. However, when it comes to the parents they should make sure kids online safety first and then they should lurk towards anything else. In my opinion, there is nothing important than children’s safety whether in real-life or online.

So, parents should prefer kids’ and teens’ online safety than goods and costumes. Now parents can luckily set parental control on kids’ and teen’s digital devices by getting their hands on the TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring app having a 50% 90% discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. So, get the subscription online and install parental control software on kids’ and teens’ activities to know what they are used to doing on their cellphone connected to cyberspace. You can monitor messages, social media logs, record screen activities, block websites and internet access remotely.


Fortunate for parents Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner where they can get maximum discounts on everything. So make sure kids are safe on the web to the fullest.