Sunday 03 March 2024

Ceramic Tiles India – Things You Should Know About

ceramic tiles India

When you are planning to buy ceramic tiles either for your floor or walls then you need to focus on certain things before making any final decision on to this. This is true that no all tiles are created the same and you have to sure on certain facts before making any final decision on the product. For example, either you are looking for low floor tiles, small tiles, large tiles or any other special requirements.

Ceramic Tiles India – Things You Should Know About

Tiles Glazing and Their Relevant Applications

The extra glossy or glazing tiles don’t prove that they are durable or high fired tiles. Even dried tiles can be glazed that are heated on extremely low temperature. These are termed as green ware tiles and environmental friendly manufacturing practice too. These tiles are not suitable for all industrial applications like counter top, backsplash etc. The only solution is to opt for durable ceramic tiles India that should be cleaned or maintained regularly for continued operations.

Next is stone ware tile prepared at high temperature and pretty much suitable for tough industry applications. They can be used almost everywhere either it is residential or commercial application. Few tiles are poorly manufactured by exporters or manufacturers in India and they lose their color or texture frequently.

Choose Trusted Ceramic Exporters India Only

Obviously, there are finely manufactured ceramic tiles too that are prepared by following best manufacturing practices and highly popular in market. You need to make proper research online to get quality product in your budget. This type of information may not be readily available on internet so you have to extra sure on to this point and put maximum efforts to complete this task.

Ornamentation for Ceramic Tiles India

Now you need to focus on Ornamentation for ceramic tiles, it may flat, round or square in shape. For counter top applications, flat tiles are recommended. However, flat tiles should not be taken for backsplash applications otherwise it may be difficult to clean or maintain. For fireplaces, low fired glazed tiles are recommended. You have to be extra careful at fireplaces otherwise it may crack or troublesome for you.

For dry areas where physical contact is rare, you can use any type of ceramic tiles. Instead for wet areas, you need to focus on high relief tiles where physical contact is pretty much common. You could use porous tiles here with unified crystalline structure. Again stoneware tiles are always the most preferable choice for tough application areas as discussed earlier.

Food-safe Ceramic Tiles India

Today, plenty of ceramic tiles are prepared for decorative purposes. You need to check either they are chemical free or not. Chemical prone tiles are not food safe and start losing their color or texture as soon as they come in contact with hot or cold temperatures. Sadly, food-safe tiles cannot be identified easily but taking help from ceramic exporter India is always the best idea to opt for. They will guide you for the proper tile for particular application that is not only durable but efficient too.