Tuesday 23 April 2024

Chelsea FC Maths App – Features Your Child Can Enjoy

For fun, fast and flexible learning that will help your child succeed at multiplication, the ideal solution is a cool math games app. The tried, tested and trusted formula of games-based education is certain to be a winner with both children and parents alike. Your child will soon begin to feel right at home with basic maths tasks, thanks to the potential of math game apps for improving cognitive abilities such as sequential thinking, visual fluency, verbal memory and language processing rates.

Supporting Skills Development

Partnering with one of the greatest football clubs on the planet – Chelsea FC – the designers have created a new and exciting quest for 7- to12-year-olds that promises to make learning feel like play. Children will enjoy the challenge of a state-of-the-art interactive quiz that equips them with a unique method for easily working out and memorising how to get all their sums right and score well on any maths test or homework project. A first of its kind, the mobile and tablet math game app is available in six languages and communicates both orally and visually. Through such active, personalised engagement, the app will hold children’s attention and encourage them to focus on exercising their problem-solving abilities. In turn, this reinforces and enhances basic listening and reading skills whilst supporting both social and academic growth.

Creating Peace of Mind

Children will adore that this cool math games app offers them virtual rewards for their efforts to understand and retain vital information at every stage. The step-by-step approach means that children can work through the levels at their own pace or return to previous levels if they want to improve with a particular multiplication table. They get all the practice they need in applying consistency and logic to setting goals and making decisions in a supported, fail-proof and unpressurised way. For additional peace of mind for parents, there are no in-app purchases or third-party ads to worry about, either. Therefore, parents can rest assured that this math game app will help shape their child’s development in a positive and constructive manner by inspiring confidence, competence, creativity, self-discipline and friendly competitiveness.