Thursday 18 April 2024

Chicken Kali Mirch – A Dish Loved by The Chicken Lovers

Chicken Kali Mirch - A Dish Loved by The Chicken Lovers

For the food lovers, there are plenty of different cuisines available, but as per the research, when people go out to eat, the most ordered cuisine is the Mughlai, which consists of a lot of non-vegetarian delicacies. If you are the one who is a die heart fan of Chicken, then nothing can be better than Mughlai cuisine. The cuisine is inspired from the Mughals who ones ruled India, during that time people started following the eating habits of the kings. Generally, the Mughlai cuisine consists of dishes made with the meat of lamb, chicken, fish etc. In India, the most popular Mughlai dish is butter chicken, Chicken kali mirch, Kadhai chicken, roasted chicken, fish fingers, etc.

The specialty of the Mughlai dishes is they are aromatic due to the uses of numerous spices to give the dish aroma and flavour. Usually, the dishes are spicy, but there are plenty of Mughlai dishes that are less spicy,and one of them is Chicken kali mirch.One can find Chicken kali Mirch recipe in the cookery books or even on the internet.

Benefits of Eating Chicken:

  1. If you are on diet and want to shred some weight, then adding chicken in your diet can actually help you. There is a misconception that while on die tone should avoid eating chicken, but this is not true. As per the discussion with some dieticians, they recommend having chicken while a person is following a strict diet plan. Chicken is not fatty if eaten boiled or cooked in less oil.
  2. Chicken helps in building muscles, hence if noticed all the bodybuilders have chicken products in their diet.
  3. Chicken is a rich source of protein hence, chicken soup is considered to be the best remedy if you are facing any bone-related problem.
  4. As compared to other meats, chicken is low in cholesterol and fat hence is recommended by the dieticians
  5. Relieves Stress, the two major nutrients that make chicken one of the anti-stress food are tryptophan and Vitamin B5.Both of these nutrients have excellent calming effect hence reduces stress.
  6. Boosts Immunity, chicken soup has special health benefits when it comes to common cold, flu, and other respiratory problems, having a bowl full of chicken soup can help cure it.
  7. Promotes heart health, being rich in vitamin B6 this prevents heart attack and is one of the highly recommended for maintaining good heart health.
  8. Increased metabolism is another factor that makes eating chicken good for health.

This is also a fact that different parts of chicken have different amount of fat and cholesterol content like

  • Chicken Breast has approximately 7 grams of fat
  • Chicken leg has 11-12 grams of fat
  • Chicken Thighs has 25gram of fat
  • Chicken wing has 27-30 gram of fat

So, depending on the reason, you want to eat chicken, select the part and prepare it in less oil or roast it for a better taste and flavour.