Friday 21 June 2024

Children’s Birthday Parties – Why It’s Easier To Get A Professional To Organise Them

Crunching the numbers

A great party needs to provide enough activities and entertainment to keep the kids occupied for hours. A bouncy castle is always a big hit with kids of most ages, but with prices ranging from £75 to £100 for a day’s hire, it can make a bit of a dent into your budget. Add to that the cost of an entertainer, who will normally charge by the hour, and the money left for decorations, food and party bags is almost non-existent.

This is where a professional can come in really handy. Most party organisers offer packages which provide all the necessary elements for a perfect party, usually at a cheaper overall rate. Which, if you’re catering for your child’s entire class, can be a bit of a money saver! Of course if you want to host the party at home, trying to fit thirty children in may be a bit of a squeeze.

This may mean hiring a venue or considering the invite list more carefully. To find out how other parents have tackled this issue, try this link.

Children's Birthday Parties - Why It's Easier To Get A Professional To Organise Them

Activities and Entertainment

Being in charge of a large group of children can be more than a little daunting,and with the constant strain of juggling work and family timetables it could be difficult to find enough friends or fellow parents to help you out. Professionally planning your party means a specialist party host will keep the kids happy with an endless supply of props, games and most importantly energy.

Party organisers can tailor the party activities to suit the children’s needs. This will keep your stress levels low, and rather than trying to keep a load of half started activities going whilst also attempting to refill the snack table and clean up spillages, you can take a break and sit down with a cup of tea.

Another great activity party organisers can supply, and that is usually included in most party packages, is face painting. Being magically transformed into a lion or a pretty butterfly is always a crowd pleaser at birthday parties. if you’ve got a bit of creative flair it can be tempting to do the painting yourself, however with all the other responsibilities of keeping a party running smoothly its going to be hard to find the time to paint thirty faces.

Getting a professional in will not only ensure there are no half finished tigers wandering around, and the quality of their paints are a lot higher so are much safer for any children who may react badly to cheap alternatives.

Party Themes

Finally, if your child is crazy for anything with dinosaurs or potty for Pirates, party organisers are experts at planning parties around your child’s favourite things. With a vast catalogue of decorations and props to hand they can easily make dreams come true. Shopping around for your own props and decorations can get really expensive, especially if you want to provide enough to really change the overall look of the venue.

On the other end of the scale, cheap alternatives can end up looking a bit tacky and more often than not, don’t even last the whole party. Lots of party organisers offer packages themed around popular interests. Why not invite the children to dress up with the theme for a bit of extra fun? Here are some cool party theme ideas that may want to share with you party organiser.

So now you know what a professional party organiser can offer, why not consider getting the experts in to make your child’s next birthday party a stress free and truly memorable day!

James Sinclair is the Managing Director of The Partyman Company who offers party entertainers and services in Essex, Herts, Kent and London.