Friday 14 June 2024

Chimney-relining. What About All The Mess?

Chimney-relining. What About All The Mess?

It really needs doing, but won’t chimney relining make a lot of mess? What about our walls, furnishings and upholstery?

We know it’s a concern – the job has to be done, but in an ideal world you’d rather not have soot and grit falling out all over the place and be faced with the headache of a big clean up or redecoration afterwards. Don’t worry! We promise it won’t come to that. Professional chimney relining London companies know exactly what they are doing when it comes to protecting your home and furnishings.

What’s important is getting the job done. Whether you need a fireplace or stove installed, flue installation, chimney sweeping or chimney re-lining, we want to ensure that you’re not put off from having the work carried out because of worries about the mess it will cause.

While dust and dirt are obviously going to be unavoidable when it comes to anything like chimney sweeping, fireplace installation and flue lining, Chimney lining in London is a serious professional service.

The most important thing is that, work complete, the chimney re-lining experts leave your home exactly as we found it. This is why we keep the dirt to a minimum, working very carefully to avoid mess as much as possible. They need to make sure as to limit any dirt produced to the area they are working in, and to protect your home using plenty of good dust sheets and make sure everything is well covered.

It is not always easy to do complex repairs to a chimney without a lot of dirt and dust falling in. It is important to take every precaution to keep the roof and the inside of the house clean. Preparation is everything. You need to ask your chimney lining company what precautions they will be using to make sure the inside of your home will not be turned into a pile of dust. London is a dirty city.. And chimneys can contain all sorts of dust and dirt especially if they have not been used in years or if they have not been maintained every year with a serious and comprehensive professional chimney sweep.

When everything is done chimney-relining agents will use industrial vacuums to clean things up and make sure there’s no dust floating around after we leave. You won’t even notice they’ve been there.