Friday 01 March 2024

Choose Your Engineering Stream and School Judiciously

Choose Your Engineering Stream and School Judiciously

A degree in engineering from a good engineering school is an immensely prestigious scroll which brings with it good social status, nice jobs and rational career progressions. Engineering in fact is the most obvious choice of students in India with the huge number of students sitting each year for various engineering competitive exams attesting to this fact.

Choose Your Engineering Stream and School Judiciously

In 2016 alone one and a half-million sat for JEE Mains entrance examinations making it one of the largest entrance exams across the world. It is the one of the toughest and most prestigious engineering entrance tests in India which is undertaken to obtain a chance to study in highly prestigious Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs). Apart from JEE there are other important and popular national and state level engineering exams taken by engineering aspirants every year. Additionally, some engineering schools and universities in India like Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) conduct its own internal test for its prestigious engineering courses.

It is, however, of utmost importance that you as an aspiring engineer try to seek admission in a quality engineering school that possess the infrastructure and faculty to equip you with industry specific knowledge. This is essential as an inferior engineering school, solely in the business of making quick money, can do irreparable damage to your career aspirations. Engineering graduates of these low quality institutes often find themselves ill-equipped to handle the challenges and pressure of an engineering job in real world.

This is the reason it is strongly advised that you seek admission in Top engineering institutes in Rajasthan if you happen to be a resident of this state, or an outsider wishing to get your engineering degree from this fast developing state. Well-established engineering colleges or institutes have highly qualified faculty and offer world class facilities for holistic development of the student. They also enjoy close interactions and friendship with leading industries and businesses, which allows them to offer excellent placement opportunities to their students.

It has been made amply clear above as to why should you seek admission in best engineering institutes in jaipur. Quality engineering schools offer both excellent training as well as placement opportunities.

The next big dilemma faced by all engineering aspirants is about comparing, selecting and choosing the best specialization, branch or engineering stream. This is the area that arguably is the single largest source of confusion and turbulence for an overwhelmingly majority of students. It is often seen that an engineering aspirant tries to gain admission in a particular branch despite his/her lack of interest or aptitude for that particular branch of engineering. The primary reason behind such decisions is the anticipation of the students and reputation of that particular stream to generate handsome pay packages.

Experts are unanimous in their opinion that prospect of a fat pay package when you complete your engineering, should not cloud your judgment about a specific branch. It would result in more than good if you choose an engineering stream based on its money generating capability. It is unlikely that you will perform outstandingly well in a branch in which you lack both skills and interest. Poor academic record as such is definitely going to harm your placement capabilities.