Wednesday 22 May 2024

Citibank Bridges The Education Gap

Citibank Bridges The Education Gap

CitiBank offers a variety of loans. I attended Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and utilized CitiBank’s private loan program to help defer the cost of my unpaid tuition. The process was so simple.

My mother and I went online and created usernames. They have the site set up in easily accessible categories. We selected private (also known as alternative) student loans and decided on the CitiAssist loan. The application process was quick and painless.

All you need is general information about yourself, your school, and your cosigner (if applicable). I never attempted to apply for the loan without a cosigner and would highly suggest having a parent and/or guardian cosign if possible.

When you provide a credit worthy cosigner you significantly raise your chances of being approved for the loan and receiving a lower interest rate. The technical aspects of your application i.e. the amount of your tuition, your enrollment status, the schools financial aid department information, will all be handled automatically. The only thing you need to do is provide your school name, your grade level, and the amount of money you require. It is very fool proof application and CitiBank is a highly known and recommended lender. I borrowed with CitiBank for four years with no problems.

As far as repayment of your Citi loan, you have three options. You can defer payments while you are in school. This means you pay nothing on the loan as long as you are still enrolled at an accredited college or university. You can defer the principal balance and pay only interest. For example if your loan is for $2,000 and you have a 5% interest rate, you would only pay the 5% interest rate while you were still enrolled in school. The $2,000 you would not begin repayment on until after you graduated or had separation from the college or university you attend. And the third option is to pay the loan in full while in school. This means you would make payments each month on the $2,000 and all interest accumulated concurrently with your enrollment.

CitiBank also offers programs and incentives for students about how to manage student loans properly. This is just one loan that Citi Bank offers college students. If private loans are not what you or your student is in the market for Citi offers a variety of federal loans on the website Also if you have already achieved your bachelor’s degree or certificate, Citi offers a wider variety of loans for graduate and professional programs as well.