Sunday 16 June 2024

Collision Repair: Understand Different Type Of Auto Parts Available Before Getting One

Collision Repair: Understand Different Type Of Auto Parts Available Before Getting One

Generally, most of the individuals believe that automobile parts are just parts and there is nothing much to see while getting one. Well, it is exactly the opposite. Different auto parts, even if they are manufactured to fit in the exact same way, are way different from one another. They can have numerous differences and these differences justify the quality of their functionality.

Therefore, it is very important to understand different types of parts. This knowledge will help you make a wiser and informed decision about what parts will suit you and your vehicle the best.

There are three types of parts available in the market. First ones are those that are genuine. The second one is manufactured by the same company, which manufactured the car. These parts are described as originals. The third type is aftermarket ones. These are produced by different manufacturers and are usually cheaper than the original ones. Let’s understand these three types in detail to know more about each type.

Collision Repair: Understand Different Type Of Auto Parts Available Before Getting One

Genuine parts:

These are authentic parts. You get them with the original name and logo printed on them. They are usually preferred only if their replacement cost is covered in the insurance or they are under warranty.

Original parts:

These parts are exactly like the one which came with your car. The biggest benefit of using these parts is that they are manufactured by the same company, who manufactured your car. This means you can expect the exact same material, quality and fit from the part.

However, since these parts don’t have the company logo printed on them, they are cheaper than the genuine ones. Nevertheless, because of their quality, they are expensive than aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket parts:

Aftermarket auto parts are very common in the market. They are price-wise cheaper and work just fine. They are designed by different manufacturers, but work exactly the same way.

Besides, in some cases it is also observed that aftermarket auto parts work better than their expensive counterparts. This is because manufacturing companies analyze the genuine and original parts and try to figure out why it did not work as expected. Then they redesign the part using better quality materials and make sure the manufactured parts deliver promising results.

If you had an accident and need to replace a few auto parts, you can always consider the idea of going for aftermarket parts. Especially, if your existing parts aren’t under warranty and your insurance company doesn’t bother which parts you are getting installed.

What type of auto parts does a collision repair shop use?

Collision shop doesn’t stick to particular types of parts. At times to rehabilitate your vehicle they have to install genuine, original as well as aftermarket parts. However, some high hand collision repair shops prefer sticking to the genuine parts. These parts come in the box which has company’s name and logo printed on them.

You can have whatever parts you want – genuine, original or aftermarket. However, keep in mind your budget all the time. Genuine ones are the most expensive one in the market and aftermarkets are the cheapest.