Saturday 24 February 2024

Common Formats of Reality TV Shows

Reality show is a common phenomenon in the TV industry and it has become the staple in viewers’ lives. Many of these shows are based on real life situations. Due to this characteristics, reality TV is considered as a highly marketable product, especially when presented in common TV series format. The concept is very simple. We take the life of ordinary people and it is broadcasted based on day to day situation. The more dramatic and the crazier the better. People want to see something that looks more real. For this reason, many reality TV shows have dominated TV ratings for years.

Reality TV shows take a hold on the life of other people and show it in the TV. Because of this interesting concept, many people are interested to watch various reality TV shows.  Many TV viewers are watching these shows religiously. There are different formats of reality TV shows that we can see on the screen. One of the most common concepts is dropping various contestants in a remote area, jungle or desert. Some shows have become more extreme by showing nude contestants, with very limited tools; such as Naked and Afraid in Discovery Channels. Ultimately, the last survivor will win specific amount of money or other rewards. This concept is quite addictive to many people and from the original Survivor-based concept, we can see many variations.

Other similar concept is putting strangers in a house, not in outdoors situation. In this case, viewers will see how the whole drama unfolds. If we have ever seen such a TV show, we know that it more than filled with drama. Another reality show concept that’s familiar to the average TV viewers is music competitions. There are many forms of star search reality shows and it can be fun to hear contestants’ performance and judge comments. Many of these shows are determined by the viewers through weekly voting. The last winner will be crowned a specific title and if he/she is lucky; the singer could actually become famous in the music industry.

Race-based reality TV shows are also unique in their own right. There are dozens of couples who travel around the world to compete in various crazy challenges. Match-making reality shows are usually associated with one desirable person and many of candidates. It is about finding a true love. The bachelor is usually a famous person and every week, one woman is eliminated from the show. It is common to see that the bachelor finally falls in love with the last woman in the competition. A marriage is proposed and the couple is believed to live happily ever after off the screen.

Many people join reality TV shows, thinking that they will get an instant fame. In this situation, participants will have all their movements watched. Winners could become the next megastar or receive a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, there are reports that reality shows can destroy someone’s lives.