Tuesday 28 May 2024

Complete Global Background Checks With Ease

Sometimes the perfect candidate for a position comes from another country. As workplaces continue to globalize, human resources professional and business professionals increasingly need to use international background checks. Hiring experts who know the local laws can save time and ensure a consistent candidate review process across borders. Conducting background checks for international job candidates and visa applicantscan take up to 10-20 days to complete. A vendor that specializes in global background screenings has the experience and history to understand local context and communicate key results and findings. Here are the major services that go into screening international applicants.

Checking Criminal History

One purpose of checking criminal backgrounds to protect the assets of an organization. Another primary goal is to address any issues that could impact the safety. A company that specializes in global background verifications knows the local context and can get necessary information from the correct channels.

Some countries have extensive computer databases that provide detailed information about an individual’s criminal history. Even if this data is available, there may be local laws that prevent government officials from releasing this information to a third party. Other countries may keep records locally without digitizing the information.

Accurate Education Verification

Occasionally a candidate lies about a degree or a major. This falsification of information poses a risk to employers who may not hire someone with the right training for a position. Over time, failing to catch this detail could result in profit losses, lost time and lower the team morale. Vendors that specialize in international background checks know the policies of universities across the world and can research and consult about specific international contexts.

Locally, verifying a degree or certificate takes 3-5 business days. An international request to a university can take closer to 10 – 15 business days. Some countries and universities have policies that prohibit releasing records without the student’s consent.

Employer Verification and Reference Checks

Reference checks may require a translator or an interpreter. An international background screening company can provide the language experts to contact references and speak the language.

In some countries,it is prohibited to give information to a background check representative beyond dates of employment. Other countries may have more permissive laws with releasing employment information. Global screening companies build relationships with international stakeholders regularly, and this network helps to get roadblocks addressed quickly and efficiently.

Security and accuracy are part of the international background screening process. A company that specializes in international background checks keeps vital information confidential while providing valuable insights about international applicants. Understanding cultural context and a country’s laws is essential to obtaining information quickly and on deadline.