Monday 22 April 2024

Continue To Be Gorgeous Diva

Continue To Be Gorgeous Diva

Every single woman in her life always wanted to be a diva. She always wanted to be a celebrity, a woman with outstanding talent. For this, she needs to be very up-to-date while going to upcoming events.

But here and there she is always facing problems with  gender discrimination. She is not getting an equal opportunity to show her talent. Though we say that this was in the ancient world. But if  you carefully notice things in the world have not yet changed. Still in the 21st century women are facing the issue of gender inequality.

There is a constant need of improving the status of the women in the world. For this, women should have faith in her ability. One should educate her about her rights, her status in the community. It is very important for a woman to be empowered herself and live her life independently, economically and socially.

Realizing the need for this, in 1913, 22 women students of the Howard University have made a group named Delta Sigma Theta in the United States. The group is a non-profit Greek-lettered sorority, which working towards improvement of the community and provide public service. They provide their services through various programs.  There are programs in  the sorority that targets the  betterment of the African American community.  The group had first performed its public act in 1913, called Women’s Suffrage. The act was for the rights of women to stand for election office and for the rights of women to vote.  They were  instrumental in getting women equal rights. At present, they have programs like step shows and strolls, Greek Picnic, and Conventions, etc.

Continue To Be Gorgeous Diva

The membership in this Greek organization is open for all women, regardless of race, color, religion, or nationality. The only thing is the women need to fulfill some membership requirements. She may join the group during her college or university life or after completing her college.

At present, there are more than 2,00,000 members are there in the group with 900 chapters. These are across the United States, the Virgin Islands, Japan, Germany, England, Bermuda and Korea.

The Greek Organization has memberships in the National Council of Negro Women, NAACP and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.

The main objectives of Delta Sigma Theta are to encourage the enthusiasm of all its members. It prepares its member to be at the forefront of  causes as dignity, freedom and humanity of the individual. The group also trains its member to add its efforts to achieve higher social, intellectual and economic status for different groups in the society.

Further, the objective of the group is also to utilize the collective strength of its member to provide assistance to the person in need and to promote academic excellence. The goal of the group is to teach women to manage their finances and invest in the ownership of her house.

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is working towards the improvement of international development. They have a goal for the improvement of health and education in society. Keeping these things in mind,  they provide education and health care to the people who cannot afford it.

They provide a platform for women to show their talent. They provide leadership training and guidance to the young women. They encourage them to have good physical health through community forums. They also teach them  to fight against social injustice, poverty, and hunger. They develop skills in the women that will help her to make a positive impact on their careers.

Hence, with a dream to be gorgeous diva be a part of the Delta Sigma Theta group.