Monday 26 February 2024

Cooling Tower Manufacturers : Enhance Their Capacity With Engineered Plastic

Cooling Tower

Cooling tower reduces the heat of circulating water used by industrial processes and HVAC systems for cooling purposes. In recent time, cooling tower manufacturers India have made changes to these devices over the years. You can notice some changes in the latest HDPE cooling towers range, which is known for providing longer service life with reduced maintenance needs.

The attributes of the technology are compelling and the idea of using this technology to enhance productivity is liked by many manufacturers. Distributors of liquid process equipment and custom made systems evaluate a galvanized cooling tower that had needed extensive service over its lifespan. Their inspection made things clear that the present cooling tower, a general galvanized design, was beyond practical repair. The main issue was a destructive, corrosive effect on the metal-clad shell produced by salt air that infuses coastal areas.

Latest technology used for manufacturing cooling towers also provides other advantages to his customer. The tower fans now have direct-drive motors that relieve the maintenance and downtime issues that are linked with belt-driven or gear-reducer systems.

Another benefit is the efficiency of the cooling tower and the fan drive system. The system has direct-drive fans staged with two fans per cell. This design dissolves the requirement of running all the fans continuously.

The ease of installation of these cooling towers is another unexpected benefit. Since there are manufacturers that produce pre-assembled products at the unit, this makes installation swift and convenient.

Maintenance is next benefit in the list. The corrosion issue of the salt air will eliminate and the system will need least maintenance and service.

The main reason behind the queries of the customers for latest cooling tower system models was the enhanced capacity. Cooling capacity was marginally sufficient for production. The new design of cooling tower offers an additional 30% cooling capacity.

The modular cooling towers are no doubt maintenance free and hardly need service frequently. Manufacturers are making efforts to deliver the best range of cooling towers to distinct industries. To become top cooling tower exporters, they are performing inspection and quality checks to detect faults in the products prior taking them to the market for selling.

You can get in touch with such manufacturers and avail efficient cooling tower system for your site. Search them online, some of them are already entertaining direct customers online.