Monday 26 February 2024

Creating A Modern Cottage Living Space

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Cottage styled houses are so snug and cosy, they always make you feel like you’re at home; Even if it’s not your home. You can gift yourself and your guests with this warming and close-to-the-heart feeling without having to do much (or if you wanted, go all out)!

The Main thing we need to realise about cottage houses is that they are compact and cosy, yet open and bright. Contrasting ideas that work hand-in-hand if done correctly. Make the interior cosy, compact and warm while using your windows and indoor lighting to its full potential.


Flooring can be comfy, decorative or resourceful. The good thing about cottage style housing is that it accompanies most, if not all types of flooring. Go with a stone floor for a rustic feel, or dark oak for a close, compact look or even a warm toned or decorative carpet to keep those feet warm.

Focal Pieces

Making your home into a home for life means having focal pieces. Such as big staple art pieces across the main wall. How about looking at Marble Fireplaces London? Or even just spruce the room up with a super-sized rug.

Walls and Prints

Plain white walls with wooden braced support beams tend to be the main focal feature of cottages. Worry not, if you don’t have wooden support beams, you could easily pick up some wood and make a D.I.Y Fake wooden beam structure in the room. Much like the picture above, it’s easily done.

If you prefer a printed wall, go for a big blank wall to put the print on. This feature wall not only changes and spices up the room but also stops the need for extra artwork or clutter of wall hangings. If you do decide to go for wallpaper, keep them in warm shades to keep that cosy feeling.


The good thing about furniture is that there is an outstanding range! I suggest keeping to the theme of your room. If you have stone floors and a cold atmosphere, warm it up by getting deep set sofas that can clearly show a comfortable fabric. Wood? Use wicker furniture to keep up that old style feel.


So now you’re probably thinking your room is quite dull but warm. This is where the decorations come to play! They can be colourful, bright, and full of assorted patterns! Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles and colours but don’t go too crazy (unless you prefer crazy).


Warm and sunny shades are preferred. Candles and fireplaces are a big YES in this style of housing. So are open windows. It’s all about an old style, natural feel. Kind of like having the sun shine into the house all the time. Chandeliers and fancy lightings are not needed and can clash with the whole feel of the room.