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Delhi To Darjeeling: A Child Friendly Train Adventure

Delhi To Darjeeling: A Child Friendly Train Adventure

When you have ever looked down at the idea of a long road trip in India with small children, but longed back for the nostalgic days of open Asian overland trip, then a train trip from Delhi to Darjeeling may be just family-friendly and easy adventure you are looking for. Though it takes about 26 hours for the train to go its way through hinterlands of Uttar Pradesh and to Bihar on its way from Delhi to New Jalpaiguri, booking in “First Class AC’ cabin is going to let you see middle India laze from the comfort of your small bunk bed-equipment cabin. Freshly made food (rice, curries, chapattis and dhal) will arrive in tray every four hours or so. Station stops are going to provide you with opportunity to take tea, samosas and bunches of banana.

Delhi To Darjeeling: A Child Friendly Train Adventure

Reaching Jalpaiguri 

Reaching New Jalpaiguri is still some three hour drive up to Darjeeling, the Himalayan tea plantation spread charmingly along steep mountain ridge. On the other hand, the trip may also be undertaken by seven hour ride on Darjeeling’s renowned “toy train” along tracks tightly squeezed between lanes of mountain villages which residents should take in their washing-lines in order to let the train pass by Life at Glenburn Tea Estate. However, if life on the trains no longer has its luster, you can arrange for a stay at Glenburn Tea Estate. This is a scenic working tea plantation that’s one hour drive from Darjeeling. When you do so, you are going to find yourself and your kids picked up by some uniformed driver and escorted to some comfortable jeep. You are going to be taken up into the hills in style!

Enjoying Some Sumptuous Meals 

The road to Glenburn, having sweeping vistas of West Bengal hills, will become even more attractive at halfway point, when your driver makes a stop at a specifically idyllic vantage point and starts assembling picnic. Chocolate cake, tea in china cups and finger sandwiches are all charmingly unpacked and distributed. After many doses of the railway rice and dhal, most kids love the appearance of egg salad triangles. After eating the last crumbs of cake, the journey will continue through lush scenery, colorful mountains and past numerous gurgling waterfalls. When you choose to stay in Darjeeling, the historic Windamere Hotel is a good bet with kids. You may also explore the historic Buddhist gomps and pagodas and take your children for some pony ride on The Mall. Visit Tensing Norgay’s memorial site and Himalayan Zoo. The early risers may climb Tiger Hill for amazing sunrise, and lunch beside many neat uniformed schoolchildren at Glenary’s café, then with older children, go to Teesta River for some spot of water rafting. Staying at Glenburn Meanwhile, staying at Glenburn, your family reaching there is going to warrant making up of the ideal pot of Darjeeling tea. This is sipped on the verandah of the estate’s stunning Victorian bungalow. You may stay in the big sized Kanchenjunga Suite, with views out to the impressive mountain itself. You can let your children have a good time on the lawn when you relax in some steaming hot bath. Afterwards, after some quick tour of the tea factory, the kids may eat al fresco style with the dishes served to their tastes.

Conclusion: A train trip from Delhi to Darjeeling can be fantastic experience with your young ones. For those tourists who want to experience this adventure, all you need to do is have your Indian visa and you are going to enjoy seeing Indian countryside on your way from Delhi to Darjeeling by train ride.