Thursday 30 May 2024

Determinants To Choose The Apt Private Venue

Determinants To Choose The Apt Private Venue

So you have the chance of cracking a deal with a huge client, or maybe you are thinking of gathering all your school friend under one roof for one chilled out reunion after decades.

You, either being the subordinate or the initiator of the conversation, depending on the case have to decide a suitable private venue for the function to take place. If the site and the arrangement are pleasant, the occasion being a success is half-way there.

Keep the following factors in mind when choosing a venue for a private event :


The element around which every cornerstone of an event is planned, the budget. Decide your budget according to the magnitude of the event, the class of people going to attend the event, the expected figure of people going to be available.

Day/Evening Event:

An informed knowledge as to whether the event is going to happen at day or night will help you in filtering out venues and will narrow down your list to the perspective setting.

Type of Event:

Different kind of event requires a different setting. If it’s a wedding, it will need an extra area for all the traditional rituals to take place. If it’s a client meeting, it would require a proper setting of boardroom chair and table. If it’s a wedding, check whether or not they have rooms for bride’s as well as groom’s family. Also, check if the cost is a part of the payment or will extra charged be incurred.?


The number of people going to attend demand different venue depending upon the figure. Make sure all your guest RSVP the invitation you sent, and if in case they don’t revert, always book extra tables according to the invites send. You can also ask for pictures of previous events held in the location: minor and major. Check whether or not do they have the norm to accommodate last minute guest.

Parking :

Always ask whether or not they have ample parking space for the attendees to park their vehicle. If not, what are the nearby parking options that won’t lead up to much hassle? If you have guest traveling from another city, check whether the venue manager provides with the pick-up service or not.


Depending on the type of people attending the event, make sure all basic amenities are available within the venue. Like if you are thinking of having a dinner-after event, then check for their cookhouse facilities, the serving staff. Or do you have to arrange for separate catering staff? Is there any restriction as to the food being served? Do they have the facility of an in-house bartender or if required, that would have to be arranged at our expense. If it’s a wedding and the guests would attend along with their kids and senior citizens, will the venue’s restroom facility comply with their needs, like ramps, elevators, etc.?


An essential factor to ensure a smooth function is the security service provided by the venue management.Check whether or not the venue has limit access provision as soon as the booked party event’s time starts.

Online Review;

Don’t forget to check for the online reviews after you have narrowed down your potential venues. Check with other people who have had their events there about the service and management.

Organizing a private event needs the coordinator to plan and execute the initial and the final function of the event, efficiently and effectively. Starting with hiring a reliable private event venue with a diverse servicing option will help in avoiding any last minute complication.