Monday 15 April 2024

Diamond Pendants- Beauty Carved Intricately!

Diamond is a girl’s best friend and rightly so, it makes for the best accessory that a woman loves- her jewellery. It can be carved into delicate earrings or the shop stopper necklaces; can turn into complementary bracelets or can add the simplicity or classiness by turning into a diamond pendant. Our favourite jewellery piece of the season is a pendant and here is why:

1) It’s timeless and will never get out of fashion!

A diamond pendant has never been a fad, and it has found its place in the trunks and safes of jewellery lovers ever since they came into existence. Their shine and their durability when coupled with a chain, represents your class and simplicity while being adequately magnificent. Sole reason why some jewellery pieces of diamonds make it to the ‘khaandani jewellery’. It is a great gift to pass on to the coming generations and would remain as fashionable as it’s today and even ten years from now.

2) Goes with almost everything!

The best thing about a diamond pendant is its versatile personality. For instance, you can couple it with a gold chain or a silver chain and also wear it with any outfit. Be it a little black dress, or a classy red saree- your favourite anarkali or even when you don your favourite office formals, a pendant of diamond is the perfect companion for all occasions and all apparels.

3) Will make heads turn and give your personality ‘originality coupled with simplicity’

When you find the perfect pendant that soothes your eyes, it means that you are somewhere creating a connect with this beautiful piece of jewellery. It will always be unique to your taste and your personality. The best thing about a diamond pendant is that it does not ever overdo the bling factor; in fact, it accommodates a perfectly healthy amount of it. The last factor again makes it a perfect example of ‘originality coupled with simplicity’.

4) Makes for a great investment!

A diamond’s price almost never goes down. It is always highly valued and is a great investment piece to keep in your jewellery box. It does not only emphasize your beauty but also most definitely increases your net worth by being a part of your valuable collection. Even though it is a bit on the higher side- but its high investment value makes it worthy of being called a priceless possession.

5) Been a representation of royalty since time immemorial!

Be it the Kings and Queens to other royal personalities; a diamond has always been a sign of royalty ever since the beginning. In fact, most of our fables and mythological stories also mention the lucrative power of this amazing gem. Hard to find, difficult to procure and difficult to tame- diamond has always been a stone of top notch quality. A diamond is precious and for sure deserves to be a part of your collection.

This article talks about the magnificence of a diamond pendant and why one should have it compulsorily as a part of their jewellery collection. It covers points from the perspective of looks, investment and a few more criterions.