Wednesday 22 May 2024

Different Perspectives About SEO

We may need to start to think differently about SEO and there are some old beliefs that may no longer be relevant. As an example, we often think that tweets and Facebook likes have strong SEO values. It is true that social media is taking a central role on how we find information. In fact, many websites send their new posts to Facebook and they hope that they will get likes and additional traffic. It is true that acquiring Facebook likes can be important, but they won’t offer us significant influence in search engine rankings. Facebook and Twitter are useful only if our website is impressive and it will encourage people to go back. In fact, many websites could gain thousands of regular visits from Facebook and Twitter each day, because they have prominent positions.

It is important to consider that keywords are still relevant. This is perhaps one of the most essential part of SEO, bit some SEO professionals start to think that keywords are no longer relevant. It is true that we shouldn’t use keyword stuffing to attract more traffic, but knowledgeable marketers know that proper uses of keywords could really boost their online performance. When someone looks for specific keywords, our page will be heavily prioritized if it is the only one with good relevance.

We may also think that big headers will improve our rankings. Tags like H1 and H2 do matter because search engine check the layout of our website. It is important that we use headers that completely make sense with keywords that our search engines know about. Since Google is more interested in usability and content, we should make sure that headers will allow us to prioritize on both factors. It would be rather useless to focus too much on artistic appearance of our website if we have poor content. We may also think that keywords we use should be exact matches of our primary keywords. It is true that people are more likely to type primary keywords, but we should also use synonyms to expand the meaning of our keywords.

Primary keywords should be present on our main title, URL and meta tags, but we could quite flexible with our webpage content. It isn’t necessary to add exact keywords if we don’t really want it. This will allow content to be created more naturally. By having content with smooth flow, it is more likely for people to read our content. We should also have clever arrangement of keywords that encourage people to read our content more easily.

Content should still be the main structure of website and keywords should be the main component that our content should expand on. It would be useless if we become too flexible that we still to discuss something unrelated with the primary topic of our website. This will cause Google to think that our website is more relevant for specific keywords, but less relevant for our own primary keywords. We should avoid this to ensure more optimal results in search engines.