Wednesday 22 May 2024

Distance B.Sc – An Upcoming Platform to Pursue Higher Studies

Amidst the numerous technical undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Science or B.Sc degree continues to be one of the most basic degrees one can aspire to hold. In India, one can enrol as a day scholar for the umpteen specialisations, be it under Arts, Humanities, Basic sciences, media and many others. Alongside this, there is also an interesting alternative – the option of BSc distance education which allows you to further your education from anywhere.

Most universities offer this course as an undergraduate program that is spread over a minimum duration of 3 years or 6 semesters. Upon fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria, usually a 55% in 10+2, one can easily gain distance education admission. We take a look at what makes the distance B.Sc so attractive:

  • Higher education

This serves as a platform that lays the foundation for continued education. These courses form a strong hold on the basics of science like Chemistry and Physics such that one can move on to further their knowledge and command of the subject thereafter too. Regardless of age, one can pursue continued learning and advance to postgraduate courses like M.Sc.

  • Work opportunities

In comparison with jobs offered to those who have completed 10+2, equivalent or lesser, the students who complete their B.Sc stand a better chance of being offered jobs that earn them a fair compensation for the work. Also, whether you are passionate about a particular subject, the fundamentals taught during the course will not only serve as an ideal source of knowledge and information but help open up related career options.

  • Flexibility and cost

Distance education stresses on the fact that one need not compromise on studies owing to financial considerations. Usually, this mode is relatively lower priced than the regular courses making it an even more attractive alternative. Also, many universities that offer B.Sc through the distance mode not only provide relevant course material but also the flexibility to learn at your pace and time of your choice. With technology-enabled learning an added feature among recognised universities, you learn even as you keep up with the changing times.

Some distance education universities like the Sikkim Manipal University offers a B.Sc in Information Technology too which is another option in addition to traditional B.Tech degrees. Such initiatives ensure that the degrees and hard work of the students are given due credit and accepted across the public and private sectors when it comes to employability as well. So go ahead, find a correspondence university that can help you to sustain your learning curve!