Sunday 03 March 2024

Do You Know The Importance Of Police Challenge Coins?

If you have your close ones in military then you know the essence of challenge coins. It bears the symbol of a certain position of an organization.

Do you feel like you haven’t yet hear of it?

No worries, here’s the coverage for you.

First of all, what is a challenge coin?

To honour a soldier for dedicating his life for the service despite of all the challenges, the challenge coin is used. It can also be used to give someone the confirmation in any organization.

It is a small coin bearing the symbol of that specified organization. The challenge coin is so small that it will fit in the palm of your hand.

To enhance employee morale, it has a huge importance.

Do you know the history of challenge coin?

During renaissance these coins were known as Portrait medals, representing royalty, nobility and other great works. It was used as a gift or recognition.

The origin of challenge coin is during the 1st world war by the U.S military.

From then the popularity of these coins has been growing rapidly.

The tradition of challenge coin then eventually spread to the military units, and non-military units.

What is the use of Police Challenge Coins?

It represent teams, units and organizations. It is not only used in military services, but also in other services to represent accomplishments, recognition, membership, etc.

Let’s dive into the details of its usage.

  1. Promote an Organization

Recently, challenge coins are being used to promote a brand. In corporate world these coins are being handed over at sales events, conferences, trade shows.

And guess what? It creates lasting impression than any business card.

  1. Giving Recognition

One of the major usages of challenge coins is to give recognition fo r their hard work, labor, and dedication.

It helps to keep them motivated and engaged.

  1. Membership

If you want to prove that you are a member of a certain group or unit in military service, how would you do that?

Simply the answer is challenge coins.

Earlier it was used for security purposes but nowadays it holds a symbol of membership.

  1. To Create Connection and Memories

The challenge coins are used to create connection with each other. Even after you leave your services, once you show your coin to veteran employees the flash back starts and cherish those challenging times.


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