Friday 19 April 2024

Does a red light camera ticket affect your insurance in California?

You can already expect that there are different red light cameras that are installed in almost all the intersections not just in California but also in other parts of America. All the drivers are trying to avoid the flash as they drive down the road.

These cameras are meant to catch drivers who are reckless on the road particularly those who try to beat the red light every chance they get. Even if they are meant to be good, there are instances when they take pictures and license plates of drivers who are abiding by the law. Some say that red light cameras are installed by other companies who need to reach their target quota. If you have been “caught” by a red light camera and you want to fight it, get yourself a traffic violation lawyer that can help you out.

The Difference Between a Traffic Camera and a Red Light Camera
Some people assume that the traffic camera and the red light camera are just the same. These two cameras are different. Traffic cameras are meant to check out the traffic and just monitor if things are just going on normally. Red light cameras, on the other hand, are meant to catch drivers who are breaking the traffic laws. Red light cameras also take pictures of drivers who are speeding and go through red lights.

There are some people who are not aware that they have not done anything wrong. The moment that they receive the mail that comes with their ticket, the pictures that will serve as proof, and other needed details, they may pay for the ticket without consulting with a traffic ticket lawyer near me. In California, you know that you need to contest the ticket that you have received because it can be very expensive. You are expected to pay $100 for simply receiving the ticket. Other fees will be added to the $100 depending on your violation. That is a lot of money to pay.

Paying Due to Guilt
Drivers have the tendency to feel guilty even when they did nothing wrong. They may try to think about the various things that they did while they were driving. Even if they cannot think of a single thing that they did wrong, they would still consider paying. You can analyze your red light camera traffic ticket first. You can let your lawyer know details about it and why you suspect that you have not done anything wrong even if you are guilty.

Your Insurance May be Affected
This is something that a lot of people are concerned about. They are aware that red light camera traffic tickets do not give the same points like other traffic violations but if you fail to pay for the ticket that you have received within a month, this is the time when your insurance will get affected. Do you honestly want to pay higher premiums because of this? You may contest this with the help of the right lawyer.