Thursday 18 April 2024

Does EPABX Phone System Installation A Real Necessity For Official Environment

A great office also requires a good telephone system installation for proper working environment. You must be well-aware about the famous PBX systems, which offers a great deal of variety and also uses internet for a convenient official environment.

EPABX phone system installation is next generation office installation phone system for a competitive official environment. EPABX stands for Electronic Private Automatic eXchange. This is a solid-state digital system and also an in-house telephony switching system.

What pushed the development of EPABX system?

The massive growth of data networks and increased public understanding of packet switching, as well as development of IP PBX system, a demand for new easily installed and more cheaper and convenient system was felt. This was however fulfilled by the development of EPABX.

How is it advantageous over other telephone systems?

It was considered as a more advanced and more advantageous system over the traditionally used PABX system, due to the following features that it offers to its users:

  • It’s accelerated dialing technique- this was also known as speed dialing. Here the entire process of dialing got accelerated to an alarming speed.
  • Comfortable system – was considered even more at ease because it was really easy to use.
  • It also lowers the caller’s time and gets easily connected.
  • It does not possess any human intervention and the addition of the directory helps to expand the numbers with ease.
  • They also keep the callers calm by playing music when the caller is put on hold.
  • Also it provides a hands free method which is really simple for an individual who is attending the call.
  • What else, the system also offers voice messages for the user whose calls you aren’t able attend during some important work.
  • When a particular employee leaves a seat and is unable to attend the phone call by the customer, his call gets automatically transferred to some other seat.

Some more reasons as to choose EPABX system over the primitive one

Well, if you were looking for a system which answers the phone calls to your users with a pre-recorded welcome message, you can straightaway choose the EPABX system and relax. Also the rings back automatically, to the reception if calls are left unanswered. You can easily program your system too, so that the calls get redirected towards the right destination.

EPABX system installation is quite similar to that of PABX system and also you would not have to worry about your calls getting forwarded or not in case the employee’s not at seat to attend the call. The system easily reconnects the calls through the internet so that IP phone systems are quite in use and you are insured with the audio quality.

The system comes with an online inclusion directory, which makes it really easy to connect and know a particular station extension over thousands of the existing station extensions (station extensions are the telephone extension numbers assigned to a particular telephone operator, in this case to a particular employee)