Tuesday 23 April 2024

Does Visine Really Make You Sick!

The Visine Murder Prank

Visine is a medicine for eyes and it was launched by Johnson and Johnson’s. This eye drop is used for any kind of eye soreness and itching. Generally this is the main reasons for which eye drops are being used for. They cure dry eyes situations and itchiness. Generally an eye drop is used for curing any kind of eye diseases that includes the dryness of the rise which causes due to the pollution or allergy.

The allergy that can cause irritated eyes is basically due to hay fever. Hay fever is type of energy which is formed by grass. Some people were cheated to grass so if they come any contact to the grasses they get hay fever which turns into eye irritation. And then people take visine as a cure for these eye diseases.

Why visine is harmful for people

Since many years people are taking visine as a solution for itchy eyes. But some recent researches have shown that visine is not at all good for eyes. Although it can relief the eyes for some time but for a longer run or overdose of this product can cause life harming situations. That’s why the question can arise; does visine really make you sick? The answer is not known by people as there are controversies regarding this.

Actually the active ingredients present in visine are potassium chloride andtetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. These two components together create the vasoconstrictor which is constricting the superficial blood vessels of the eyes. That is the reason it might be possible that visine can make your mother sick if taken overdosed. It is strictly prohibited to take this medicine during pregnancy. And when it is taken as an overdose people start to have more itchiness and swollen in the eye. Basically instead of doing benefit for the eyes this is ruining the eye. Visine murder has, thus, become a phrase as it has the capacity of taking a life of a person.

In which cases visine is prohibited

  • This is strictly prohibited for those who have contact lenses because it ruins the smooth soft surface of the contact lens which in turn can cause permanent eye damage and that’s why it is also named as visine murder for the eyes.
  • At this is also provided for people who have glucoma because this eye drop causes more redness and production of water in the eye which is very unwanted for glaucoma patients.
  • The constant stinging and burning sensation in the eye after applying this may worsen the condition of the eye. So that when it is used, it has to be under supervision.
  • Alsovisine eye drops increases the redness of the eye blocking the blood vessels which doesn’t really work when you need an eye drop for itchiness or red eye problem.

These are the reason which brings a question more and more that does visine really make you sick or not. Because the effects that are being seen, do not point out a single positive note with which we can proceed to the positive factors of this particular product. So it is a very controversial fact that adding it into someone’s drink can be really considered as visine murder. Because there is ancommon urban legend which says that adding few drops of this poison into somebody string has caused massive diarrhoea which later has caused death of that person.

So it has not been proved that if oral consumption of this thing can really lead a person to death or not but it can have the message side effects of diarrhoea which is nausea, vomiting,dangerously low body temperature, breathing problem, low pressure and other things which arise the same question again and again that does visine really make you sick?